5 Best Places To Visit Near Alibaug 

15th Nov 2018

Quite apparently, Alibaug had taken over Goa as the favourite destination for Aamchi Mumbai! Be it famous celebrities or the adventurous kind, Alibaug seem to have made a special place in every Mumbaikar’s heart. It is just 2 hours away from Mumbai. So if you are in Mumbai and wondering what could be the place to travel on weekends? Then Alibaug is the answer! Here is the best 5 places to visit in Alibaug apart from routine visiting to beaches –

Akshi Beach

Photo of Akshi Beach, Akshi, Maharashtra, India by Jayesh Bhanushali

Located in Alibaug, this beautiful beach is known for its peaceful environment. Most of the tourists say that is one of the best places to visit in Alibaug! Akshi Beach is not only known for its serene beauty but is also popular for bird watching. One could often spot plovers, ruddy turnstone, oystercatcher and different migratory birds. The calmness and solitude are what makes this place an absolute delight. Plan your weekend with your friends at Akshi beach and book a stay near Alibaug to experience the beauty of this place!

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo of Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, Roha, Maharashtra, India by Jayesh Bhanushali

Located in Kashid Beach, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best picks for sightseeing. You could have a walking tour and identify the world of mammals, birds and insects over there. This weekend, rejuvenate your mind with the surrounding of greenery and explore wildlife in Phansad. You could book a stay in a villa near kashid beach with your friends for a day or two to enjoy this weekend outing to the fullest!

Kanakeshwar Forest

Photo of Kanakeshwar Temple, Kankeshwar, Maharashtra, India by Jayesh Bhanushali

Located on the Konkan coast near to Alibaug, Kanakeshwar forest is ideal for people who would love a cool climate in a dense forest and also get a chance to various activities. From Mumbai Airport, it would take (approx.) 3 hours to reach Kanakeshwar. There are different activities and places to visit like Kanakeshwar Temple, Nagobacha Tappa (the place of snakes), The Plateau of Vyaghreshwar and so on. A perfect place to have some adventure on weekends and you don’t need to worry about accommodation. There are plenty of hotels & villas in Alibaug to stay with groups after a long day on a trip!

Bio-Diversity Park

Photo of Teenvira Dam, Maharashtra by Jayesh Bhanushali

Located in Alibaug, spread over 1 acre of land at the edge of Teenvira Dam – one can experience the beauty and wonder of nature and life in Biodiversity Park. This park has over 500 native species of plants which are extremely rare and unique! One can also get a chance to spot different species of insects and butterflies. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city – this place is ideal for nature lovers to experience the serene beauty and calmness of this park.

Hirakot Old Fort

Photo of Hirakot Old Fort, Police Line, Alibag, Maharashtra, India by Jayesh Bhanushali

Located at the north-western part of Alibaug, Hirakot Fort is one of the best picks for spending some great time with friends or families surrounded by greenery and beautiful views of the lake. If you are planning to visit to Alibaug, you should not miss the beautiful black structure of Hirakot Fort! This fort has a lot of history to explore. It is built of big blocks of black basalt rock which gives it a shiny look. A well-maintained place with cool weather and a calm atmosphere – this is what one could ask for a quick weekend outing with friends.