A fine trek in Savandurga

30th Jan 2019
Photo of A fine trek in Savandurga by Subhangkar Das

Then I said to myself "Let's go for trekking". This is after I woke up on a Wednesday morning before caving in to procrastination. Also, I haven't been to trekking for quite sometime. After scouring the internet, I finally decided on Savandurga, around 70 Km drive away from Bangalore. The drive felt good to me.

I didn't found much of a crowd on that day. With a GoPro fixed on the straps and a bag full of essentials I started the trek, which is essentially climbing a monolith hill top. The climb is not that difficult and a must-go for trekking enthusiasts. I went up to the hill on which a small altar place with a Nandi idol can be found. It took me four hours to reach the top with occasional stops at places while recording the trek and taking pictures.

This is when I reached the top (pic below):

Photo of A fine trek in Savandurga 1/1 by Subhangkar Das

Here is the Trek Video (shot on GoPro):

It's a vertical video made for IGTV