A Roadtrip to Spiti valley – Himachal is beyond Shimla-Manali

30th May 2016
Photo of Spiti Valley, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma

Being a traveler, for me every place has its own special spark & beauty. I feel extremely low when people only relate Shimla-Manali with Himachal Pradesh. When I told my friends that I am planning for Spiti valley, they asked where is it? Please get rid of Shimla-Manali as Himachal Pradesh has much to offer. Yes, I will choose Spiti over & over again for my kind of a road trip in the coming years because Spiti valley is yet an unknown paradise for many of us.

Day 1

Starting your journey from the beautiful parts of Shimla to Sarahan, when I mention Sarahan, I know, many of the readers must be hearing the name of Sarahan for the 1st time. Before you lose your interest, I will show you the different sights of Himachal Pradesh. Yes Himachal is more than Shimla & Manali. I could only think of one line as soon as I experienced the divine beauty of Sarahan – Simple yet so beautiful. The prepossessing sight of Sarahan was the empyrean view of Shrikhand Peak & Bhimakali Temple. You feel calm & refreshed as soon as you entered in Sarahan because it’s still a lesser-known part of Himachal.

Photo of Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Day 2

Our next stop was Sangla – Chitkul, when words fall short to describe the awe-struck beauty of any place then only visual elements can describe it better. NH 22, the routes which we have discovered on many travel shows, it escalates your thrill even more when you indeed cross NH 22. The roads, less traveled by tourist helps you to accomplish your travel goals. The flowing sound of Baspa river & apple orchards aggrandize your peace of mind. I could only frame one sentence to describe the beauty of our last inhabited village Chitkul at Indo-Tibet border is “it’s the place where luxury is Nature”.Staying there overnight, when I looked at the clear sky with abundance of shining stars, I was stunned for a moment. I assumed that nothing can be more beautiful than this. The best part of Spiti Valley road trip starting from Shimla is that you keep on exploring better, better & better every day.

Photo of Sangla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Photo of Sangla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Day 3

Our next stop was Tabo, Finally I had entered in Spiti Valley. I saw one board on my way “Do not be a Gama, In the land of Lamas”, Yes, Spiti welcomed us or indirectly warned us about the roads. Suddenly, the whole culture, language & mountains seemed extremely strange to me. When I looked at the deserted mountains, motionless, it featured like wallpaper in front of me. As the sun went down, leaving the pleasant view of sunset, I went to Helipad near Tabo. I laid down there staring at the Sky; Guess what, it looked more beautiful what I had seen in Sangla.

Photo of Tabo, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Day 4

The next stop was the headquarter of Spiti valley - Kaza. In our regular days, we feel lazy to leave the bed however here the case was slightly different. I used to sleep early to get up early as I knew that today I will explore another beautiful awe-inspiring creation of God. Crossing Dhankar village, I explored Dhankar Lake & Dhankar gompa. The days were less so I kept on moving more towards Spiti. I reached Kaza finally. This was the 4th day of our Roadtrip, I had already planned, what I want to explore in Kaza. Without wasting much time, I moved to explore Kee-Kibber. The sun was shining brightly; not allowing us put off our glasses however the herbal tea at Kee monastery helped us to fight with our headache – common as we are travelling in high altitude areas. Kee monastery, one of the oldest monastery & extremely beautiful with its breathtaking surroundings was a delightful experience. I got an opportunity to have question-answer session with the monks. Spiti is fully encompassed by picturesque villages such as Kibber, Chicham, Langza, Komic & Hikam. Every village has its own special feel however my personal favorite is Langza. You should keep at least 2 days exploring these villages around Kaza.

Photo of Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Photo of Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Day 6

The 6th day was for Chandratal, another blissful, Not at all, I would say “Dar ke aage Chandratal Hai”. The roads were so adventurous; it didn’t allow me to leave the rear grab handle of the car. After trekking of 1 KM, we reached our destination “Chandratal”. I was continuously taking short breaths; suddenly I glanced at Chandratal. The aerial view of Chandratal made me feel so composed. I would say, I was blessed by the nature. I had never seen something so magical.

Photo of Chandra Taal, Himachal Pradesh by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Photo of Chandra Taal, Himachal Pradesh by Priti Raman Vishwakarma
Day 7

I slept in the beautiful memories of my road trip as 7th day was the last day. The roads which will drop me to my final destination “Manali”, I started my day early again. I assumed that now no adventurous roads but I was completely wrong. Something more adventurous was on my way. As we started our journey, I didn’t see roads only as I could only see big rocks, stones & flowing water on our path. We all were swinging with its every move, looking at each other. Our back, ass & legs, everything was abusing us. The journey was of 100 KM however it had made us half dead. Without any doubt, yes it was heavenly beautiful so definitely do not miss this route.

Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Priti Raman Vishwakarma

The 7 days were ended in a moment giving every one of us some memorable moments. Spiti valley is a hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh. I would say, stop restricting Himachal only till Shimla – Manali. There are so many beautiful mountains, rivers, villages & paths around Himachal.

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Sun 01 13 19, 01:44 · Reply · Report
Hi, We are planning to do a roadtrip through Kinnaur and Spiti Delhi-Chitkul/sangle-Kalpa-Tabo-Kibber-Chandra Tal We will be two people, driving a zen estillo. Do you recommend returning via the same route or could we go through rohtang/Manali on our way back to delhi
Tue 10 02 18, 23:02 · Reply · Report
that was nicely written.....I've been to Spiti last week and planning to again to explore more about ....the monestary caves, Hikkim, search for more fossils and star trail at Chandratal....
Fri 07 22 16, 22:04 · Reply (1) · Report
Can one go on this trek on foot?
Sun 04 09 17, 11:03 · Report
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