About The Dattatreya Temple In The Girnar Hills


Gujarat is all about culture, heritage, and the ethnic beauty of nature. The state is quite famous for its wildlife sanctuary- Gir National Park, whose history has been written in golden letters. Travel freaks come to this place to see the wildlife residing with utmost care in this forest—the park shelters the rarest species of the Earth and those who are suffering from extinctions. Apart from the Gir forest, many other places that draw the tourist’s attention are the Lord Dattatreya Temple in the Girnar Hills, located in the Junagadh district of Gujarat.

Girnar Hills is a group of five peak mountains in the Sasan Gir region, which makes the place attractive for sightseeing in Gujarat. People who come to visit the park dare to miss the temples in the Girnar hills. The Hindus and the Jains have worshiped the hills for years, and there are several temples situated in each of the peaks of Girnar. Girnar hills is a popular site, giving a retreat to both trekkers and pilgrims.

About the Location of the Dattatreya Temple

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Dattatreya Temple is located at the peak of Girnar Parvat, which is the only residence to the footprints of God Dattatreya. You can find an idol of Lord Dattatreya in a sitting posture inside the temple. Girnar Parvat provides a terrain different from the ending stretches of golden sands of the state, and the verdant Gir Forest bestows a unique atmosphere to this place.

Birth of Lord Dattatreya

Lord Dattatreya is the descendant of a sage couple of the Vedic age, named Arti Maharishi and Anusuya. Mata Anushyua is considered as the embodiment of purity, devoted to her husband with heart and soul. (pativrutya). And Dtatrteya was the son of this sage couple. Since then, the Girnar hills have become the famous pilgrimage site renowned as the temple of Guru Dattatreya.

He is worshipped as God as worshippers assert that he has the souls of the Hindu trinity of Gods, namely- Brahma Vishnu & Maheshwara, in the human body. This temple acts as the landmark for the peak on Girnar hill, surrounded by thick vegetation and wildlife of Gir Forest. read more

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