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Adventure activities around Mumbai


Are you an adventure Junkie?

Do u love thrills?

Get up!!! Prepare to break out of your comfort zone & have the time of your life with these adventure activities around Mumbai


Just over a 100 kilometres from Mumbai, on the banks of the Kundalika River, Kolad is a sleepy village frequented by adventure junkies who're keen on rafting

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 Offered by Kundalika Rafting (Kundalikarafting.in), Ecomantra (Ecomantra.com)



Zorbing is for those who prefer to let gravity do the work. Most places let you roll down an incline or in a pool. And many let two people in a Zorb together to have wicked  fun tumbling around


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Offered by Della Adventure (Dellaadventure.com) ,Headrush (Headrush.in) and Zbac (Zbacadventures.co.in)

Bunjee Jumping 

This activity involves jumping from a tall structure or from a high mountain, and you are attached to an elastic rope. Thrill comes from free falling and rebound

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Available at Della Adventure (Dellaadventure.com) & Yazoo Park (www.yazoopark.com)


Imagine how it feels to fly like a bird!

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Available at Space Apple (Spaceapple.com),. Also offered by Nirvana Adventures (Flynirvana.com), Temple Pilots (Templepilots.com) and Indus Paragliding School (indusparagliding.in), all at Kamshet.


Rappelling is descending down a rockface with ropes and tools to control your drop safely

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Nature Knights (Natureknights.net) offers waterfall rappelling with their monsoon treks. Back-to front rappelling is offered at Zbac (Zbacadventures.co.in)


Kayaking is a fantastic, no-stress way to get some exercise and fresh air and see the world from a duck’s-eye view.

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 Available along with several Konkan tours offered by Ecomantra (Ecomantra.com). Also offered in the Vasai-Virar region by Space Apple (Spaceapple.com)

Sky diving

Experience the sensation of freefall while harnessed alone or with an Instructor

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Offered at Aamby Valley (www.aambyvalley.com)