Amazing Trip

9th Feb 2019
Day 1

The Lil flea Market, Delhi.

It's a flea market in India usually all the talented boutique artists and labels, brands showcase their collection and create awareness among the viewers about the via participating in it by having a stall here and selling there products also. Most of them here I can see were women entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs having pure cotton clothes for Infants which are purely chemical free and not harmful for skin, it's developed by a moment  itself and off  ourself  who can understand the toddler and care more than her. It's under the name candycot having thier clothes delivered to hospitals and have thier very first store in Gurgaon.
  While on the other hand I see vegan cosmetics brand which came up by a bunch of professionals who comes from house of L'oreal cosmetics in the research department where they decided to develop a range of Thier own products which are cruelty free and totally organic, they have range of lipsticks in variety of shades for all to facial oils for now and planning to expand in other ranges in future. These cosmetics can be found on nyka and is under the name disguise.

Also there are quite a few labels into western, contemporary and different types of fusion. Whereas jewellery women entrepreneurs and there's nice drums and jamming going on where there are nice cushions to sit and relax while you can grab some munchies or free from the counter next to the place.

But best part while exploring this fest was to meet all the very amazing and Influential women entrepreneurs from across the India.

So I compiled it all in this video and do give it a check and lemme know how do you find it?

The Lil Flea, Entrance

Photo of Amazing Trip by Aastha

By Very Talented women entrepreneur. For details

Photo of Amazing Trip by Aastha

Another talented jewellery enthusiast check

Photo of Amazing Trip by Aastha

The Lil flea day ends

Photo of Amazing Trip by Aastha

Ambience, crowd, shopping

Photo of Amazing Trip by Aastha