Bengaluru on a student budget: Where to eat and what to do

Photo of Bengaluru on a student budget: Where to eat and what to do 1/4 by Fatema Diwan
Dyu Art Cafe

A recent report ranked Bangalore as one of the cheapest cities in the world. But those of us who live here know that it can be quite a challenge to find a place within our end-of-the-month-budget to dine out on a Saturday night. Especially, if you are a student.

I recently shifted to Bangalore to do my Masters, and as planned, one of the first things I did here was explore the city. The good thing about the city is that you will always find a place to fit your mood and taste. The bad thing is, more often than not, it leaves you broke. But if explored wisely, Bengaluru can open up the best of its surprises asking very little return. Here are some ideas on how to explore the city without completely emptying your wallet.

Where to Eat:

Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen:


There is no escaping from Tibetan food in this city. A quiet, yet always surprisingly full, little Tibetan restaurant is a treat for those who like the cuisine. Hidden in a corner of Kormangala between some of the most lavish restaurants, TMK won’t let you feel that you’re missing out. Needless to say, Thukpa and Momos shouldn't be left out.

Prices: Thukpa starts from Rs. 75 and Momos start from Rs. 70. All in all, a good full meal shouldn’t cross Rs. 200.

TT Salads and Grills


Photo of Bengaluru on a student budget: Where to eat and what to do 2/4 by Fatema Diwan

Picture: Antisha Ann Mathew

Who said healthy food should be expensive? Pop in for a salad or sandwich for lunch or dinner and you will be served more for less. If you are feeling adventurous, bite into one of their sumptuous burgers. The Classic Texan Burger is a favourite here, coupled with a refreshing fruit juice or Iced Tea all within the budget! If you still don’t think you’ve reason enough to go, it has a breakfast menu that will brighten up your morning!

Prices: A full meal should cost you between Rs. 100 – Rs. 180



With its cozy sitting area and the sheer variety of food, this will soon become your hangout place. You can enjoy a full classic Indian breakfast for just Rs 100! And that is the most expensive thing on the menu! You will find everything from a Biryani to Pav Bhaji in just under Rs. 100. Try their innovative Oat Meal Dosa to begin with!

Prices: Not more than Rs. 100

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls

Koramangala, Commercial Street, Frazer Town, Brigade Road, Whitefeild

If you are hungry for some meat, here’s your place! Khan Saheb provides some of the best Kathi rolls in the city. Spread across five locations, you cannot miss this no matter which part of the city you are in. Its special Beda rolls and Tava rolls will entice the meat-lover in you and will surely not disappoint. Though it has vegetarian options, vegetarians might want to skip this one.

Prices: Between Rs. 100 - 150

Vasudev Adiga’s

Adiga’s is easy to spot anywhere. The place easily has more than 20 joints across the city. Its claim to fame is its amazing offering of local cuisine and of course, filter coffee. Though its dosas are recommendable, a smarter option would be to try out some local Bisi Bele Bath or Herekai Purch Kuttu! If you want taste of Karnataka within budget, don’t look for anything else.

Prices: Maximum Rs. 150



Photo of Bengaluru on a student budget: Where to eat and what to do 3/4 by Fatema Diwan

Picture: Praveen

A perfect blend of good environment and good food, Chaipatty is as good with its beverages as it is with its breakfast options. To make things interesting, they serve chai and coffee in desi kulads. You can eat and eat here without worrying about the bill.

Prices: Rs.100 would fetch you a nice meal

DYU Art Café


Photo of Bengaluru on a student budget: Where to eat and what to do 4/4 by Fatema Diwan

Picture: Premshree Pillai

If you want a quiet place to just sit down and talk, DYU is where you should be. It is one of the city's most loved places and you will find almost everyone, from musicians to artists to students here. This small bungalow-tuned-café serves great beverages and sandwiches for a quick bite. The desserts on the menu are a real treat too. The Chicken Melt Sandwich and Banofee Pie are classics!

Prices: Rs. 100 – 200

What to do:

See the sunrise at Ulsoor lake

Photo of Ulsoor Lake, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Fatema Diwan

Picture: Swaminathan

You can’t miss a lake in the Lake City. Ulsoor is debatably one of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in the city. It is almost always crowded with people during the day, which is why the sunrise is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the cold morning breeze. A morning walk around the lake is a great way to start your Bangalore day!

Muse over at The National Gallery of Modern Art

Photo of National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Fatema Diwan

Picture: Nicholas Mirguet

The NGMA in many ways is the hub of the art scene in the city. Its collection boasts of many prominent Bengali and South Indian painters and artists. It also keeps having interesting photography exhibitions and installations on a regular basis. This could be a fitting introduction to art in the city. You may lose touch with time here and might end up coming out after several hours!

Entry is free but there’s an interesting shop you could buy souvenirs from.

Peek into History at the Palace(s)

Photo of Bangalore Palace, Jayamahal, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Fatema Diwan

Picture: SMit224 | Wikimedia Commons

There are two notable Palaces in the city. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, known for its beautifully carved pillars and lovely gardens is worth spending time with to understand the past of the city. Though a lovely monument, the Palace doesn’t have a lot else to show. But, to understand the city better a short trip to the Palace should be on your list.

Entry for Indians is Rs. 5 and foreigners is Rs. 100

The Bangalore Palace is much bigger in terms of size and grandeur and looks close to a castle out of a fairy tale. The Palace ground stretches across acres of land around the Palace and in a way seclude it. The exterior gothic architecture is as impressive as the intricate designs that make up its interiors. A few antiques and paintings belonging to various royals are displayed inside.

Entry for Indian is Rs. 200 and for foreigners in Rs. 500

Take an evening stroll at Cubbon Park

Photo of Cubbon Park, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Fatema Diwan

Picture: Kavya Bhatt

Bengaluru is also the city of Gardens. Fashioned to the liking of the British, Cubbon park was often used for an evening stroll for the officers stationed here. It isn’t hard to guess why. Covered with acres of trees, it’s hard to find this kind of peace anywhere else in the city. There is also a State Central library situated inside the park for those who might be interested. The park is huge and most often is not very crowded so bear in mind your safety before you visit.

The entry is free.

A homely atmosphere with great Tibetan/ Chinese cuisine. The most fun time to be here is when a cricket match is on! Cheer for your favorite team while savoring a plate of hot momos.

It is guilt free on the health conscious heart and your wallet. If a bowl of fresh vegetables with potatoes and bread on the side doesn't do the trick, indulge in their Chinese bowls and crafty burgers or help yourself to some breakfast. You won't run out of choices!

Its friendly staff and delectable food (well within the budget, of course) will make it your go-to place. Great for an evening chat with a friend.

The perfect place for all your tikka and kebab cravings. The Kathi rolls here are unparalleled and convenient to spot at almost any part of the city. A great place to get food on the go too!

A Vegetarian's delight, it's local cuisine done at its best! Start with some lip-smacking Idlis and end with the local Bisi Bele Bath! It will be a meal to remember.

At any time of the day, you are bound to find students here. DYU gives you a warm sitting-under-a-tree-and-sipping-coffee experience. With a quietness that lets you hear the birds chip, head here for whenever you want to mull over life. Their lovely desserts are sure to give you good company.

It's hard to find this kind of peace anywhere else in the city. If you miss standing on a shore and looking out at the vast ocean, this lake will modestly make up for it. Go for an early sunrise to skip the crowd.

An introduction to the city would be incomplete without a slow, contemplative walk around the gallery. It also houses a series of interesting exhibitions to keep you further occupied.

This magnanimous Palace is almost unmissable on any map of the city. The splendid architecture and royal artifacts houses inside it, it is a sight for sore eyes.

The Summer Palace is appealing with its ornate pillars and plush gardens. An essential part of the city's history, it's worth a quick visit.

In the clutter of the city, its parks are a much needed luxury. Cubbon park, with its alluring silence and its tranquil breeze will make you forget the barrenness of your busy life.

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