Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention


Skim through any mid-school geography books and Chitrakoot Falls finds a mention as the 'Niagara Falls of India'. Now what makes a distant waterfall in the Bastar District of Chattisgarh so desirable that it's named after one of the most stunning sites in the world?

If there's a seed of curiosity in your head about this destination, let it grow. To help you discover Chitrakoot the right way, here's a short guide.

All about Chitrakoot Falls

Towards the west of Jagdalpur in the Bastar District of Chattisgarh, Indravati River takes a deep plunge from a horseshoe gorge in Chitrakoot. The majestic 95 feet drop of the river down the cliff makes this a sheer spectacle to behold.

Around 38 kilometres away from Jagdalpur, Chitrakoot Falls unveil a powerful vision during the monsoons when the Indravati River floods. The otherwise meandering streams come together to unleash its power and completely cover the flat ground above the cliff.

The sheer power of this 300 metre wide waterfall has led visitors to rightly coin a special term for this spot and we call it India's Niagara. Local boatsmen lead you to stunning sites near the spray below the waterfall to witness Chitrakoot Falls in full glory. The view of the waterfall at sunset and the changing hues around it is a sight to remember.

Image Credits: Sanchit Soni

Photo of Chitrakoot Falls, Tiratha, Chhattisgarh, India by Disha Kapkoti

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this majestic waterfall in the heart of the wilderness of Chattisgarh is from July to October when the Indravati River unleashes its full force. The water carries a massive amount of silt but it's still a spectacle for visitors.

October to February remains the best time for photographers and nature lovers who wish to see a clearer and white waterfall.

How to reach

Route 1: The nearest airport to Chitrakoot Falls is in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. The airport stands at a distance of 284km from Chitrakoot and can be reached in approximately 5 hours taking a hired taxi.

Route 2: The Jagdalpur Station on the Kirandul-Vishakhapattnam Line is the nearest railway station to Chitrakoot Falls. Travellers can fly to Visakhapatnam and take a train to Jagdalpur from Visakhapatnam. Shared taxis can be hired to reach Chitrakoot from Jagdalpur train station.

Route 3: Distance between Delhi and Jagdalpur is around 1450km. A road trip from Delhi to Jagdalpur takes 20 hours approximately, taking you through Gwalior, Jhansi and the Balaghat Hill forest range, and 5 hours away from this major junction stands Chitrakoot.

Cab rates at Jagdalpur

Local taxis from the railway station can be hired at Rs 500 to reach a hotel in Chitrakoot. A one day trip from Jagdalpur to Chitrakoot and Tirathgarh Falls by a local taxi can cost you Rs 3000 approximately.

Where to stay:

Dandami Luxury Resort

Around 30km from the Jagdalpur city, the majestic Dandami Luxury Resort is an ideal place to stay during your exploratory trip to the Chitrakoot Falls. With a direct view of the waterfall from Room 101, it is located at just the perfect spot to make you feel close to nature and behold the sight of the Chitrakoot Falls during your stay.

The hotels has 16 double bed cottages, 13 luxury tents, a dining hall, laundry service, a restaurant satellite TV and also provides local guides to take you on a tour around the area.

The region does not have good mobile connectivity and only BSNL connections work at the resort too.


Single occupancy: Rs 2000 per day

Double occupancy: Rs 2500 per day

Where: Barsoor Road, Chitrakot (30 kms from Jagdalpur)

Photo of Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention by Disha Kapkoti
Photo of Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention by Disha Kapkoti

Things to do on a trip to Chitrakoot Falls

1. Enjoy breathtaking sights of rainbows during a walk around the fall

Right before noon time, you could get lucky and witness a rainbow on the bed of the fall. It is also the best time to take a stroll around the waterfall and get as close as you can to the stunning spot.

2. Enjoy boating and swimming at the pool by the waterfall

Things to do at Chitrakoot Falls also includes taking a paddle boat ride and swimming in the pools formed in the upstream part of the falls. Local boatsmen can take you all the way to the spray below the falls.

Image Credits: Asim Chaudhuri

Photo of Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention by Disha Kapkoti

3. Visit the majestic Tirathgarh Falls in the Kanger Valley National Park

The region is replete with lesser-known wonders of Chattisgarh that have still not turned into a tourist hub. Besides Chitrakoot, the Tirthgarh Waterfall is another magical site that cannot be missed on this trip. Tirathgarh is located 36 km from Jagdalpur, in the opposite direction of Chitrakoot. A 6km drive through the Kanger Valley National Park to reach the falls is a blissful escape for any nature lover.

4. Explore the 330-metre long Kutumsar Caves

Kutumsar Caves near the Tirathgarh Waterfall can be explored on your detour to Tirathgarh from Jagdalpur. The caves are located in the Kanger Valley National Park and were discovered only two decades ago. These caves are also said to be the largest caves in Asia and the 7th largest in the world. During the months of June to August, the caves are filled with water hence the spot cannot be explored, but it remains open for exploration during the rest of the year.

Image Credits: Asim Cahudhuri

Photo of Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention by Disha Kapkoti

5. Take a guided exploratory trip to Kailash Gufa

Inside the Kanger Valley National Park, another caving site awaits you. The Kailash Gufa is a 100 metres long cave located on a hillock inside the national park. The stalagmite formations in the shape of a shivlinga at the deep end of the cave hold religious importance for locals. and the caves are a religious site for Hindus across the country.

Photo of Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention by Disha Kapkoti

Have you been to Chitrakoot and explored the Bastar district differently? Share your travel story from this offbeat location and help other travellers plan a trip to Chitrakoot Falls.

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1. It's Chitrakote 2. It's very safe and rooms can be booked from Chhattisgarh Tourism website.
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how was food and how to book the room plz someone guide
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This is really really amazing ! No need of comparing this with niagara falls.....everyplace has its own beauty and an amzing history! This waterfall is much more beautiful than the N.F ! Amazing efforts!
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it's very safe here in jagdalpur.. come explore Bastar!
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