Corbett is much more than Tigers – Part 1

7th Feb 2015
Photo of Corbett is much more than Tigers – Part 1 1/3 by Himanshu Shekhar Azad
Bird Watching in Hathi Galiyara
Photo of Corbett is much more than Tigers – Part 1 2/3 by Himanshu Shekhar Azad
Enthu Nature Lovers at Pawalgarh Forest Rest House
Photo of Corbett is much more than Tigers – Part 1 3/3 by Himanshu Shekhar Azad
While watching Nature at its best.

7th and 8th Feb of 2015, these two days of my life were a kind of turning point. I was more near to Mother Nature, feeling more peaceful and experiencing eternal love.

The event was a kind of Bird Fest in Jim Corbett National Park, to promote eco-tourism and increase more initiatives related to it. I reached Pawalgarh Forest Rest House (PFRH) by 1.30 in noon, and confirmed my presence. Mesmerized by the beauty of nature and sound of water stream, I was like “I don’t want to go back” or “how can I make a hut here”?

Although there were many people around with a magical light on their faces, which was the living proof that how much they love what they do, not everyone but many. Right at 2.00 I got call for my trail which was from PFRH to Hathi galiyara (Elephant Corridor), approx 6 Km long trail. After a brief introduction within the group I came to know that I am having guys from HCL (but without their logo!), few community tour organizers and our Guide of tour Mr. Bachi Bisth, a man who love nature deep from his heart, Considers himself as one of the richest person because of his happiness and which he really is. Along the melodious sound of water stream we started our trail; the view was awesome lush green corridor with high rise mountains creating a shape of bowl. Pure air gushing through trees was playing their own music. I was just a hypnotized audience over there listening them. The very first bird which we saw was a big Brown Fish Owl, what a majestic bird. Sitting on top of tree protecting his area, suddenly it flew to another branch showing us a royal fly-past of nature.

I was feeling thirsty so I drank water from stream, which was purified by nature and I thought that how humans are proud of their RO machines. Remember RO machines can purify water not produce water, and one day humanity will face consequences of what is it doing on whole. Further on our way we saw many other pretty water birds near river. Many of group members were growing impatience that exotic birds are still not making their presence and sometimes the same old question, “Will we able to see Tigers”? And I was thinking like, why can’t they stay in present enjoy this awesome beauty and realize that this park is much more than tigers. Then suddenly Mr. Bachi said the same line, enjoy the present, present is most beautiful than anything else in the world. We took the woodland way to return to base and by the time it was almost 4.30 Pm. Black Drongo was sitting up on the branch waiting for us and started showing several flying special effects which were amazing, we left but it didn’t stop. Group of Parakeet greeted us many times on our way back. As it was almost sunset most of the birds were calling each other to return home and the whole atmosphere was full of their melodies. At a certain point we saw Indian Grey Hornbill, Owl and many other birds. This was end of the day and trail; not the journey. I saw more than 35 bird species that evening and was more excited for next morning. Wait for next day story with me and Gyan Yatra.