How to travel for up to 14 days with just the cabin luggage- Go light!


Do you ever travel with heavy suitcases carrying major weight of “Just-in case” items which you hardly use during the trip? If the answer to this question is yes, then probably you do not know the pleasure of a no- baggage trip. Whether it’s life or a trip no baggage policy always works.

Well enough of philosophy here but here I am going to tell you that it is indeed feasible to travel with just the cabin luggage and that too for a trip which can extend up to 2 weeks without compromising on the necessities. Travelling light can be a boon and one of the obvious reasons is that you are going to save a lot of money with airlines charging separately for the luggage especially on international trips. The other reason is that it really makes you feel free which is pure bliss. Especially while travelling solo it can make shifting between locations quite convenient. I know how I detest dragging those heavy suitcases that take a lot of time to pack and unpack and I am sure a lot of people can relate to it.

Coming to my experience and how I made it possible for a 2-week trip here are some of the pointers:

1. Buy a mini version of your cosmetics or if it is not possible then go easy and buy a set of 30 ml plastic bottles from Amazon. Just fill the bottles up with needed items and label those bottles. Sharing a link to those bottles in case you want to buy some:

2. Buy a set of packing cubes. This is helpful in keeping the clothes un-creased and to organize stuff. Packing cubes can also be found on amazon and are quite affordable.

3. You need to have a cabin suitcase which weighs under 2 kgs. The heavier the suitcase the less number of items you can carry within 7 Kgs. It is advisable to invest in a good trolley suitcase once.

4. Wear the heaviest items from your luggage on the airport. It is better to wear clothes that have several pockets. Wear your sports shoes and the heaviest pair of jeans, jacket and shawl you have at the airport. Keep the stuff like phone charger, power bank and any other heavy stuff that you may need handy.

5. An extra handbag that is not too noticeable can also accommodate a number of items.

6. To make sure that you are within the permissible limit, invest in an electrical weighing scale which is again quite affordable.

7. Wash and wear, wherever possible.

8. Try and buy items for immediate use and consumption at your destination instead of carrying everything from home.

It may sound like a lot of effort and planning but if you travel frequently then you will realize that it is just a one- time effort and once it is done you can use those items for a number of upcoming trips.

What to pack: The items that you may need for a beach destination may be different from the ones that you may need to travel to a cold destination.

For a beach destination and up to 2- week long trip:

1. 7 light T-shirts/ blouses.

2. 3 pair of shorts and 1 pair of comfortable tights.

3. 4 pair of undergarments.

4. 30 ml of toiletries/ per item with maximum 100 ml of total liquid items as per permissible airline limits.

5. Basic medicines that you may need.

6. Chargers, power bank and travel documents.

7. 1 pair of flip flops and a pair of crocs.

For a cold destination and up to 2- week long trip:

1. 2 warm but light weighted sweaters/ pullovers and a leather jacket.

2. A pair of warm trousers, a pair of jeans and a pair of comfortable tights.

3. A Pair of Flip Flops

4. Follow point 3-6 from beach list.

What to Wear at the airport:

The most crucial and the only one- Just layer up as much as possible depending on the season and destination! Once you are through the check-in counter you can always keep this stuff back in to your suitcase.

Happy travelling!