I travelled to Goa!


Goa - A country inside an other country!

Photo of I travelled to Goa! by Aishwarya Iyyengar

Goa- a diverse state of India. From food to places, landscape to people, Goa in itself can be a different country. Introducing you the wanderlust in me through this blog where I try and attempt to put in words about this place.

DISCLAIMER: This is a long and detailed blog penned particularly to take you on a tour with my words! I hope this awakens the traveller in you 🙂

It all started around a month back when my husband mentioned: "Let's go to Goa!" I know it isn't safe for anyone to travel in this pandemic. But, staying amidst four walls, even Netflix can't always help you chill. Hence, this was a much-required trip for me. We decided to have a week-long workation.

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The first thing we decided was to research all the places to visit in Goa. We decided to stay in North Goa and visit South Goa on our way home. For the stay, we opted for an apartment through Airbnb as we get an entire house to stay.


We started the trip to Goa on the 12th of December which was approximately 12-hour long trip. We went via Davangere, Dharwad, Belagavi and this route had approximately 9 to 11 tolls and all had cashless payment facility.

Best Breakfast!

Photo of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Aishwarya Iyyengar

The roads in the border between Goa and Maharashtra are very narrow and filled with potholes. The Ghats section has a few sharp turns, but the road is good, and the view is mesmerising. However, the roads prior and after the Ghats section are terrible and that in total is for about 40 to 50 km.

NOTE: For people travelling on this route, please start from your home at least around 5 am in the morning. This way, you can reach the destination during the daylight. Night driving is not recommended for the condition of these roads and the Ghats section.


We started the day by visiting Infantaria, the famous breakfast spot in North Goa. I loved their chocolate croissant.· Next, we went to Fontainhas which is a famous street that highlights the Portuguese buildings and their culture. I personally felt this place to be slightly overrated.


Photo of Fontainhas, Rua de Natal, Fontainhas (quarter), Mala, Panaji, Goa, India by Aishwarya Iyyengar

Later we visited the famous 'Dil Chahta Hai' spot- The Chapora Fort. The view that the fort offered made us forget all the worldly worries and we enjoyed the breeze.

View from Chapora Fort

Photo of Chapora Fort, Goa by Aishwarya Iyyengar

The last destination for the day was the Vagator beach for the sunset. We sat on the stones by the beach and enjoyed the tranquil sunset. There is a place called Little Vagator where one can find different eateries to sit and enjoy by the beach.

DAY 3 - Workday 1

We visited Morjim beach in the evening. Make sure you do not miss the sunset on this beach in your Goa trip as it has everything to make your experience the best- Light music, average crowd, less commercial spots, etc.

We had a candle-light dinner at Tomato's which added extra beauty to the entire beach and our dining experience was dreamy! Talking about their food, we fell in love with their Mushroom Galouti, it melted in our mouth.


Photo of Tomato's Garden Kitchen And Bar, Candolim, Goa, India by Aishwarya Iyyengar

DAY 4 - Workday 2

Today's visit was to Arambol beach. We did not feel any positive vibe at this beach and couldn't enjoy the sunset as well.

We chose La Cucina, an Italian restaurant which is a cosy and cute place near Morjim beach. The best part of dining here are the live bands. I experienced my first ever live band experience with Rum & Cola band. They were spectacular and this was another dining experience that I wouldn't forget.

DAY 5 - Workday 3

We woke up early and visited Candolim beach by 6.15 am. I would recommend visiting this beach only for a morning walk.· Calangute beach was a few minutes ride from this beach. Hence, we went to visit that beach around 7.15 am. This beach is definitely worth a sunset!

In the evening, we visited Purple Martini - a beachside restaurant near Anjuna beach. 

NOTE: This is the most crowded restaurant and people come and reserve their seats as early as 4 pm and wait to enjoy the sunset. We totally enjoyed the food, the place, and their service. This place is specifically known for the sundowner and I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant.

DAY 6 - Workday 4

The last day in North Goa, we visited Ashvem beach around 7.00 am. Out of all the beaches that we'd visited these many days, hands down this was the best! The sand, the water, the landscape, everything was perfect! We were happy to have started the day on such a good note.

Later that evening, we went to the most talked town of North Goa- Tito's lane. Tito's lane is right behind Baga beach and this was an opportunity for us to witness the nightlife of Goa. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, most clubs in Goa weren't open and we had to spend our time in a beachside restaurant.

Panorama of dining places in Baga beach

Photo of Baga Beach, Goa by Aishwarya Iyyengar

NOTE: Talking about Baga Beach, I felt this as an overrated beach. The reason is that all the beachside restaurants, cafes, and shacks are situated beside one another. All of them play loud music that at one point you don't understand what music is being played at your dining place. Amidst all the chaos, you would definitely miss the beach feels.


We now moved to the laidback part of Goa. We were in awe of the sudden change in the landscape. South Goa is nowhere like North Goa. We had booked Xec Residency in Margao as it was the best one in our budget.

The trip continued to Betul lighthouse for sunset. After completing 10 minutes of trekking in 4 minutes, we found out that the lighthouse was closed and I was gasping sadly!

Our next station was the Margao market which was famous for dry fruits. We explored the market for some time and moved to a famous beach in South Goa- the Colva beach.

South Goa beaches are totally different from that of North Goa beaches. It has fewer crowds, white and soft sand, and serene beauty. We had our dinner at a beachside restaurant and went our way back to Xec Residency.


In North Goa, we stayed at Riviera Sapphire, Siolim. The apartment is cosy, best suited for couples. One thing we found difficult was the internet connectivity. Luckily, we had a dongle and it was working fine in the reception area of the community. The stay has all the basic amenities like kitchen utensils, Refrigerator, wardrobe, laundry facility, etc. The advantage of such apartments is that you can ensure social distancing as much as possible.

Priorities set right! (Coffee at our stay)

Photo of Riviera Sapphire, Bamman Vaddo, Siolim, Goa, India by Aishwarya Iyyengar

In South Goa, we stayed at Xec Residency, Margao. I happily recommend this place for people who would like to stay in South Goa. From hygiene to all the facilities, everything is perfect and worth the price. I am sure my next experience at Goa will start by booking my stay at this place.


I was shocked with the quality of roads in Goa. The city roads are well-maintained but the outskirts and the local area roads are awful. The best way to roam in Goa is by renting a two-wheeler. However, even with it, you will have to be careful while riding on these roads. Compared to the roads in North Goa, South Goa has better road quality.

We went in Getz Prime and I have to say, the car is a beast and although it is a second-hand vehicle, it handled the bumpy roads so well and helped us reach the destination safely.

Photo of I travelled to Goa! by Aishwarya Iyyengar


It is an obvious fact that for all of us, 2020 has become a nightmare. Sitting amidst four walls, even if you are doing your favourite job, it can get monotonous or tiresome. Hence, I recommend this workation as it instils a kind of positive energy in you which actually increases overall productivity. While I was working in Goa, I was able to concentrate more and work effectively. I felt the difference of working amidst four walls and working in such a fresh place.

Can I get this view everyday?

Photo of I travelled to Goa! by Aishwarya Iyyengar