I wish I could stay here always with my friend.

26th Mar 2015

A place I can never forget, the cliffs and the beach in varkala. I am a keralite, but when I am in varkala I get a feel that I am in gokarna. You get the trippiest items to shop, the best beach, make sure you don't go near the wet rocks, it's beautiful to take a walk in the evening with your loved ones through the shore, bamboo cottages are the best to stay, beer is the best drink you would get there. Travelling to varkala was in a general train when with a gang of friends, otherwise the best on bikes. You never feel like going back, I always love beach wherever it is, but this one especially one like this in Kerala is outstanding. 

the sea so endless

Photo of Varkala, Kerala, India by Anagha
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