24th Jan 2022
Day 1

In November 2019  I got the opportunity to visit badrinath temple along with my family. I noticed one thing. When I plan it doesn't work. My most of the journeys are unplanned. It was diwali time whole family at home. Suddenly something click into my mind to visit somewhere. This time I thought everytime me & brother  travel together. Maa always stay at home. So I thought why maa can't join us.
I knew about the difficulty level to visit badrinath. Weather conditions, roads, distance etc. Normally maa didn't love to visit mountains. But this time agreed. I call to my both nephews as well. So we were 5 ( me , brother, maa, both nephews)  we started our journey from ghaziabad around 3 O clock afternoon. So there were 2 route to reach badrinath. Distance was around 500 to 550 kilometer but mostly in mountain. & driving in mountain not easy.  So first day we cover around 200 kilometer and after reaching kotdwar We took hotel for a night. Because mom with us. We were not in any hurry.  Kotdwar is getaway of mountain. In Uttrakhand night driving is not safe & not recommend if family with you.

Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Photo of Kotdwar by KAPIL PANDIT
Day 2

Next day after having light breakfast. We started again our journey ahead. We took a break after 4 hours continues driving. Did our lunch at a place called Linchauli. In mountain normally you can cover 200 to 250 kilometer in a day. At a particular place there were a land slide. It was a traffic jam in that area.
Mom was not aware much about the distance. She was asking how much is left. After driving some hours We reached a place called chamoli. Still badrinath was around 70 to 80 kilometer. We were thinking We should continue or not. But mom was tired so decided to get a stop here for a night. We took a hotel, had our meal & got sleep by 10.30  everyone was tired. Around 10 to 12 hour drive We did. Chamoli is on high altitude area around 3000 to 3200 meter from sea level. It was cold there as well.

Day 3

We started again in the morning. Reached a place joshimath. Now badrinath temple was just 40 kilometer. Popular hill station auli was close from here. But We were not intrested in auli. We have to go further. Now view was getting better & better. Around 2 O clock in the afternoon We reached at the temple. We stayed in a dharamshala there. China border is close from here as well. Indian Army was there close to the badrinath temple. We had food inside the temple. It was so cold there. Also snow was on roads in mountain day end quite early  . We sleep early. For the next day. Around 2 days We drive Continues basis.
BADRINATH TEMPLE IS SACRED & IMPORTANT FOR HINDUS. IT IS A PART OF CHAR DHAM YATRA.   mom didn't see such massive mountain before. She said why you didn't tell me the distance before. But at the end she was happy.

Day 4

Next day we went to the temple again then went to last Indian village mana village.. We stayed 2 to 3 hours at this place had our lunch in mana  & now it's time to say tata, bye bye  to this magical place.   Indian Army permits needed to go ahead. We explore the mana village and left this place. We did 6 hours drive towards the home & around 8 O clock We reached chamoli where we stayed when we were coming here. Stayed in same hotel for a night.

Day 5

We started early this time We didn't get any traffic jam around 5 o'clock We reached haridwar. We were little bit tired. We had two options We can stay here for a night or We should carry on towards home. From haridwar to my hometown there is a good highway and no any mountain. So We decided to move on. Again 5 hours drive We were at home by 11 I clock night. Mom was tired a lot. But we were at home. Around 5 days continues driving it wasn't easy at all but at the end We were satisfied. Reaching in greater Himalayan region is not easy at all.

Thanks & regards
Kapil sharma...