5th May 2019
Day 1

Dear Vicky Kaushal,
When I first saw you during the promotions of Manmarziyaan, The Level of enthusiasm and Excitement you possessed Took away my Heart. Continuously stalking and desperate enough to watch your movies over and over again, You landed up in my Dreamworld.
I still remember the whole dream scene which I keep on narrating to every one around which includes Dreaming the whole day to witness the beautiful Marine Drive with you.
Major Vihaan Shergill is truly my favorite character out of all the Patriotic Movies on-screen.
You've also taught us that How you can just take a break from everything around, just Go on a trip, Relax and experience Nostalgia.
Even a slightest view of yours has made my Mumbai Trip worthful.
You Deserve all the Love and Respect.

Always a Fan, Nimisha

Photo of #LettersFromTripoto by Nimisha Chetani