Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Day 1
The most awaited long weekend was here and I was just busy being lazy,like every other lazy creature on earth I woke up late and went out for breakfast with my cousin and that's when we started to sort out the places we can visit over this weekend so the first place we had in our mind was Silvasa which was around 350kms from Pune. It was almost late afternoon so it wasn't possible to ride 350kms so late so we dropped the plan,but we had a backup✌
So next morning we were all set and ready to ride.
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Day 2
In the morning around 7:30 we started our journey towards Gorakhgad Bhimashankar via Karjat its 150 kms from Poona and takes around 2-3hrs to reach,after Khopoli once you take a turn for Karjat the roads are isolated and all you see is long stretch of black tarmac.As it was Holi the festival colours we were stopped by some local people who to mention were really nice to us they just put colour on our face took some pictures with us and let us go,soon we reached the foot of Gorakhgarh enquiring about the time we'll require to reach the top we decided not to climb as the climate was way too hot so we had some nice nimbupani and left Bhimashankar at 12:00 noon to Matheran.We reached Matheran by 12:45 p.m.
Matheran is a hill station at approx 2500ft from sea level situated in boundaries of Raigad.As we started our climb,We felt the temperature dropping and winds blowing.If you are planning to drive to Matheran hill all by your self trust me its a bad idea unless you are some kind of a rally car driver,hiring a taxi or taking a train from Nerul would be suggested instead.
So after parking our bikes we took our tickets and started our walk towards the Matheran market which is around 3km from main gate you can either walk, take train from the gate (Aman lodge) or ride on a Horse,train ticket costs ₹45.00 and Horse back ride may cost around ₹500-₹800 which is expensive.

Once you reach inside you'll be awestruck as the place is huge inside,which you can't imagine exists on the top of mountain,its just like covered or hidden by lush green dense forest.There's a market inside which is spread over a large area and even medicals and doctors are available.
Many options for stay,from luxury 3 star hotels to simple beautiful cottages are available which you can get at very cheap price if you are good at bargaining,it costs around ₹1000-₹1500 depending upon the services.
Hotels may cost around ₹3000-₹5000 but they have long list of activities which you can participate in.
Around 2kms from market there's a lake with beautiful name the Charlotte Lake.
An antique and archaic temple dedicated to Lord Pisarnath is positioned to the right of the lake.
Mount Berry, a lofty precipice located at the distance of just 5 kilometers from Matheran is one of the most favorite tourist destinations around this dandy little hills station,there's a Jain temple situated right in the heart of the market.
If you are a foodie there are lots of places which provide delicious biryani's and many other options in food are available,and you don't need to carry any booze if you are planning to visit Matheran,this place takes care of everything.
There are many places nearby which you can visit like Panorama Point, also reckoned as the Sun Rise Point.
We had our lunch and then headed towards the railway station in the market,we got our tickets and then were back from where we started.
As we were short of time we left the place and headed towards Poona.
Matheran is one of the best gateways from Pune as well as Mumbai.
If you are planning to visit Matheran plan for 2-3 days at least.
Thank you for reading and ignoring my poor writing skills
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire

Matheran Market

Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire
Photo of Matheran. by Soham Mohire