Love in rain ❤️ #loveontheroad

11th Sep 2018
Photo of Love in rain ❤️ #loveontheroad by Mehak Manwani
Day 1



My road side love starts from a rainy morning walking with a bright colour umbrella just to feel the beauty of the nature smelling a fresh aroma of rain there is no one on the road I was alone walking with a bright smile on my face

Suddenly I saw a man passing by other side of the road I noticed him as he was the one who neither had an umbrella nor was wearing a rain coat with a dull and upset face it was such a beautiful weather to enjoy to feel the beauty of the nature I wanted to go and ask why was he so unhappy but my phone started ringing it was my father's call he told me to come back home due to some discussion about politics yes I and my father used to discuss political affairs and issues just to improve the knowledge skills I reached back home freshen up made a discussion whole day went but I couldn't forget that scene that unhappy face that sadness I felt depressed and wanted to go out to walk it was 12AM sharp when I stepped out of my house I thought to go to gopala Park as it was the nearest one I took my umbrella and went there to feel relaxed suddenly I saw same man sitting on a bech with wasting no time I went to him to ask what was wrong I went to him and asked 'May I help you with something' he replied nothing I again repeated the same he said no and got up and went away I tried to stop but couldn't it again started raining i found a wallet on the bench and opened it and found a driving licence in which it was written Rithvik Kapoor I recognised that man as he was the son of the great industrialists Mr Anil Kapoor I took that wallet to home and went for a sleep

Rainy morning

Photo of Love in rain ❤️ #loveontheroad by Mehak Manwani
Day 2

Next day got up late at 9 pm took a bath had my breakfast and drove my car to Kapoor mansion to return that wallet when I entered the Kapoor Mansion I found people wearing white dresses I found that Mrs Geeta Kapoor was no more she passed away last day so I could assume why Mr Rithvik was too upset I asked one of the servent to call Mr Kapoor so that I could return back his wallet servent asked me to wait in the hawl. "Who is this" a painful voice came from my back I turned and said "you forgot your wallet last night" he came and thanked me for that we exchanged our numbers

Day 3

Days went months and then years we chatted with each other whole day long we use to meet and whenever we met there was a rainy day

Day 4

One day he called me and said I want to meet you the place where you saw me the first time I said ok let's meet I went up there and saw him standing as I came closer he bent down on his knees and took out a ring and said I love you I did not reacted at first and then I went closer without thinking any thing I said I love you too

This was my cute road side love story