Musafir in Pushkar

" एक जगह से मकाम तक जाना आसान रास्ता बताता है, वो शख्स जो सोच से ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र बताये वोह मुसाफिर कहलाता है "

A picturesque visit to the pilgrimage site, Pushkar by Musafir.

Pushkar is considered one of the most renowned places of pilgrimage for Hindus. This is the only place in India where there is a temple dedicated to lord Brahma.
From Dal Bati choorma to Poha, from Laal Maas to Pyaaz Kachori, from Ker sanger to Choorma laddoo, Musafir fell in love with the local cuisines.

Apart from Pushkar being a Pilgrimage site, Musafir also experienced a mysterious life which fetches thousands of foreign tourist every year. This dark side of Pushkar remains unravelled, untouched and is yet to be explored.
A short message from Musafir to fellow travellers. " If you are getting into the 3rd world, into the world of spirituality. Make sure you also know when to apply break to your thoughts. When you open the gate of mind, thousand thoughts will travel through this gate, you need to know which are the ideas and convictions you want to let in and to which you need to kick off. "

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Photo of Musafir in Pushkar by Arpan Sharma
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