My "much needed break"

23rd Jan 2021
Photo of My "much needed break" by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Day 1

So here I go!
My first ever trek!
it was one of the most beautiful experiences.
A trek with a group of totally unknown people who turned out to be the best.
I was super excited for this one.
Of course! After all, it was my first trek.
My countdown for the trek started from the day I registered for it (10 days before).
As it was my first trek, I had a lot of shopping to do.
I had nothing.
From sleeping bags to water bottles I bought everything.
So! On the 23rd of January 2021, we left Deccan, Pune at 8.00 pm.
Had a private bus booked, we all were 20 in number approximately.
Sang songs on the way! That goes without saying. I mean is it even a bus ride if you don't sing songs together?
We reached the base of the fort by 12 in the night.
Near the base, there was a temple where we had to catch up some sleep.
Sleeping in the open air under the stars in freezing January.
Thrilling right? Well, very "chilling" as well.
I barely slept for an hour. It was so cold out there.
I was awake, alone, staring at the starry sky, and a ZNMD(Zindagi na Milegi Dobara) scene going on in my mind, you guys remember the scene where Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan are lying under the sky talking about life differences?? YESSSS!!! The exact vibes!
But the only difference was I had no Hrithik to talk about life! I

Day 2

Everyone woke up by 5.30 am, I was already awake since 2 am😑
Got fresh and had "CHAI" and then we started walking by 6.30 am.
Okay so basically very silly but my favorite part from my first trek which would always be a funny memory,
few of us first-timers, climbed up the wrong track! But this wasn't the thing the main part was we were stuck there😂 I mean on a way where we cannot go ahead as it was the wrong route but also getting down was more difficult.
Anyhow, we came down with the help of a volunteer.
By noon we were at the top.
Okay so actually dhak bahiri is a trek where there's a cave but going there has another optional route and also no girls or women are allowed in the cave (some old traditional story behind it, which I am not much sure about.) So basically our trek was not "dhak bahiri trek" but "dhak fort trek" which is we had to go to the top of the mountain and not stop at the cave which is on the way!
So at the top!
What a view!!😍
I repeat,
(I hope you understand the intensity of what I mean)
I was speechless!!
Anyone would be,
doing a trek for the first time in his/her life and then catching up with that view after a hard climb!🤩
I mean is this what falling in love feels like??
Well, by the time my brain was only singing one song on loop!
"Yeh haseen waadiyan, yeh khula aasman"
So typical right!?😂
I am sorry but at that moment my mind was totally out of control!
We took some rest at the beautiful location or can be called "destination" as that's the place we were supposed to reach right?
Clicked pictures!
Of course! Pictures are a necessity now otherwise how boring would Instagram profiles look!
And now,
It was some adventure time,
I always wanted to do that!
ROPES set!
HARNESS check!
HELMETS check!
GLOVES check!
We went down rappelling.
If I had to sum up rappelling only in words and not sentences then it would go like:-
Now the time for a difficult part- going down.
I don't know why, but I feel going down is more difficult than climbing up.
Luckily reached down in a single piece and then in a nearby village had our dinner 'misal pav.'
Such a tasty treat after a tough climb.
Felt like "mission accomplished"
The pain, the scratches, the fear, the sweat was all worth it.
I was a bit upset, I wanted the day to be a bit more longer but on the other hand, was also happy as I was returning home with many new friends and memories.

Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Photo of Dhak Bahiri by SNEHAL BHAGWAT
Day 1