Paris – The City of Love and Romance.

Photo of Paris – The City of Love and Romance. by Kaylen Oorloff

Paris and love, they in unison like oysters and champagne, croissants and café, beurre and jambon, which is why passionate couples take a journey to the French metropolis each year during Valentine’s Day. But why precisely is Paris the “metropolis of love” and does it truly earn that label?

Book your cheap international flights to Paris and you will find that it possesses two locations on the list of the top 10 sites in the world to propose based on a study (indeed, one of them is Disneyland Paris) and the metropolis has long been a leading site for Valentine’s escapes and newly married couples.   

What is it about the French metropolis, more than any other metropolis in the world that makes people go feeble at the knees? And is the status well earned?

The Charm.

Photo of Paris – The City of Love and Romance. 1/5 by Kaylen Oorloff

With the magnificent, Georges Haussman-fashioned mid Paris, and also the delightful paved roads of Montmartre and the Marais, it’s not surprising that Paris is thought to be one of the most stunning metropolises in the world.

The metropolis conserves its prominent skylines below Unesco inheritance defense which restricts constructions to six floors and the cautiously conserved constructions might go some way to describing the romantic charm of Paris.

A walk through a metropolis hand-in-hand is surely more passionate than a bus or Metro trip, and Paris’s tiny magnitude and broad roads mean it’s perfect for strolling and view the backdrop. You couldn’t get lost, and there’s always something gorgeous around the following bend.

The Films.

Photo of Paris – The City of Love and Romance. 2/5 by Kaylen Oorloff

Many movies over the years such as French Kiss, Amélie and Midnight in Paris have implanted a definite promising impression of the French metropolis that’s difficult to wave.

Based on Hollywood, Paris is all stylish resorts and walks by the (very spotless) Seine.

Hollywood pictures romanticized Paris, such as Funny Face or an American in Paris because they were “resounding the continuous charm with fashion, jewellery and art” which of course were all focused in the then fashion metropolis of the world.

Even in current movies filmed in Paris, the metropolis is offered a golden radiance – the Paris of “The Devil Wears Prada” is a buzz of allure and splendor (in similarity to the busy New York where the movie starts).

The Cuisine.

Photo of Paris – The City of Love and Romance. 3/5 by Kaylen Oorloff

What is any loving event without great drink and food? Paris’s 40,000 restaurants and memorable culinary past make it a leading destination for romance-finders. For the British particularly, the tug is very much champagne and wine and food.

Uniting customarily stylish or snug restaurants with the setting of loving construction, you could see why dinner for two in Paris is an attractive thought for numerous couples. After all, where else could you do a dinner trip during the night that’s as stunning as Paris?

The Citizens.

Photo of Paris – The City of Love and Romance. 4/5 by Kaylen Oorloff

It’s the charm of the metropolis, but it’s also the citizens, The French might ridicule the typically stuck-up city-dwellers, but for those looking for a romantic encounter, Parisians might really be part of the allure.

The French are certainly more loving, more teasing, and they do have this passionate trait, they’re not scared to trail their desires, which I think is important. Put this classic French “desire” to an appealingly enchanting metropolis, then you’ve got a formula for love.

The Past.

Photo of Paris – The City of Love and Romance. 5/5 by Kaylen Oorloff

In the past, France was the hub of concepts, painting, revolutionary legislations and poetry in the Western world. And the Left Bank “intellectuals sector” keeps a feeling of love for couples.

Authors (a naturally passionate group) gathered to Paris during the 19th Century until the jazz phase of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemmingway, and wrote affectionately about living in the City of Light.

Books like Hemmingway’s “A moveable feast”, colours an image of the metropolis as a deep and romantic encounter, which might go some way to describing why people all around the world are captivated with Paris (even if they’ve never visited).

Book cheap flight tickets to Paris and you will see that there’s no doubt you could have a delightfully loving time in Paris, relishing the exceptional mixture of stunning construction, pristine past, excellent cuisine and brilliant wine, encircled by loving natives.

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