Pondicherry: Traveling solo through history and modernity of French India + a lovely wedding

13th Feb 2019
Photo of Pondicherry: Traveling solo through history and modernity of French India + a lovely wedding by Udit Khurana

Disclaimer: The total trip cost is from Delhi to Delhi, this can vary based on your point of origin

I had the privilege of travelling through the history and modernity of french India during the month of February. Some people also refer Pondicherry as the Goa of the east. Pondicherry has a pleasant calm to its environment but also becomes alive with a lot of party places to hang out. You can experience living through history of colonial french India at one hand, and the bustling happening cafe's at one hand. When in Pondicherry you must also experience the living and culture of Auroville, a one of its kind self sustaining experimental township.

Whats better than being part of a traditional wedding ceremony in Southern part of India as I hail from a very different culture from the North. My roommate and friend (Hariharan Radhakrishnan and Sudhakshna- Bride) are natives of Pondicherry and their wedding ceremony in Pondicherry was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I got to be part of the great culture and witness all the ceremonies firsthand. And the best part the chance to unravel this whole journey in the quaint town of Pondicherry.

Traditional South Indian food, warmly welcome from my friends here and the best of hospitality. This is an experience that cannot be described in only words. Witness this place, dwell in its past and relax at the beaches, you will be surprised at the host of things that Pondicherry offers. The details of the journey and pictures to delight follow.

Accommodation details: Micassa Hostels. In all my years of travel, this is a backpackers paradise. Built with inspiration from Spanish hostels, this is the best destination in town to park your luggage. I had the great experience of making friends from all parts of the world, sharing stories that we never came to know we had just met for couple of days. Clean, safe and happening. https://www.micasahostels.com/

Day 1

I reached Chennai airport on 13th night and had the good fortune of staying with a dear friend from college, Abhijit Ashok. Had the great privilege of feeling at home with his wonderful family, delightful South Indian food and warm hearts. I traveled from Chennai to Pondicherry in local transport(my preferred medium, lets you associate yourself more with the place) via the East coast road. 

Day 2

First day in Pondicherry was spent with relaxation at Micassa hostel and at Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the evening I got to be with the Bridegroom to share with the festive ceremonies of a Tamilian wedding. 

Day 3

Welcome to Auroville. An experimental township with a great history and one of its kind experience. You can spend your day learning about the great culture of this place and meditate. The food here is sumptuous and everything is organically grown. You can also shed some weight from your wallets with a lot of options to take home. 


Photo of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India by Udit Khurana

Sumptuous organic food

Photo of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India by Udit Khurana

After a tranquil first half of the day at Auroville, it was beach time. Auroville beach is quite near to Auroville Ashram and can be easily reached. 

Day 4

Evening reception followed by an early morning wedding ceremony. It was my first time witnessing a traditional Tamilian wedding and what was great that I got to be the first man for my buddy. 

Photo of Kalapet, Puducherry, India by Udit Khurana
Photo of Kalapet, Puducherry, India by Udit Khurana
Day 5

I ended my trip at Mamallapuram, or as it popularly called Mahabalipuram with my good friend Abhijit Ashok on my way back to Chennai. This place has great historical significance and is a must visit for travelers who are fond of historical temples and monuments. It was built by the Pallava dynasty between 7th and 8th century, and lies between the Bay of Bengal and great salt lake. It was a delight to witness the waves washing on the shore here, and it was concluded with a great sunset.

Day 6

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