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14th Aug 2014

The young and happy couple

Photo of The young and happy couple by Juhi Bansal

Beyoglu @night

Photo of Beyoglu @night by Juhi Bansal

Aah the snow!

Photo of Aah the snow! by Juhi Bansal

the lovely Stockholm colors!

Photo of the lovely Stockholm colors! by Juhi Bansal

K&I in sub-zero temp @Stockholm

Photo of K&I in sub-zero temp @Stockholm by Juhi Bansal

K&I outside the Blue Mosque

Photo of K&I outside the Blue Mosque by Juhi Bansal

the pristine white beach @ Maldives

Photo of the pristine white beach @ Maldives by Juhi Bansal

The luxurious cottages on the sea

Photo of The luxurious cottages on the sea by Juhi Bansal
Photo of by Juhi Bansal
Photo of by Juhi Bansal

The view @427m above sea level

Photo of The view @427m above sea level by Juhi Bansal

One of the lovely Cafes on the top

Photo of One of the lovely Cafes on the top by Juhi Bansal

The Gondola Ride

Photo of The Gondola Ride by Juhi Bansal

Sipping wine in a nondescript, almost deserte

Photo of Sipping wine in a nondescript, almost deserte by Juhi Bansal

We are not a romantic couple- K & I. He doesn’t bring me flowers, we don’t exchange mushy cards or texts, there are no PDA-esque declarations on FB, we don’t even normally talk on the phone during the day. But, we do love each other’s company. We have some common interests like our love for food and wanderlust and some we’ve learnt to live with and enjoy eventually like…well like almost everything else! We do groceries together, fix dinners for each other (mostly him) and are extremely proud of the seemingly “unconventional” career paths we’ve chosen (even though we don’t proclaim it openly). Although we spend a lot of time together, we also understand our need for space. We understand that both of us need to zone out in our own ways-our very own me time. 
(Contrary to what most people might assume-we DO NOT pick each others outfits, neither do we seek approval from one another). But, yeah, when his face lights up everytime I am dressed to go out-Totes Adorable!
So as I was saying, we are not the typical romantic couple. For us, there is romance in every single vacation whether it’s strolling down the stinky Grand Place in Brussels hand in hand, spending our last pound on a burrito in London and fighting over who gets the last bite, ditching the pub crawl midway in Cusco to party on our own or watching the Chippendale Show (this did take some convincing though) in Vegas. We’ve always travelled together, just the two of us and that’s why every one of our trips has been romantic. 
When you’re talking about romantic cities, it is almost blasphemy to not mention Paris. I didn’t do it because 1. it’s definitely not in the top 5 for K&I and 2. because everyone knows its romantic! And thats where the problem lies. Because we know it’s supposed to be romantic, we end up feeling let down. A lot of my friends have told me how they were quite disappointed to see the Eiffel Tower or bumping into the “non-friendly” Parisians. 

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Maldives is and will always be special for us. This is where we honeymooned and it cost us almost all our savings. It is definitely the place to go if you are looking for some calm, peace and alone time with your partner. The couple’s massages (and the romantic bath that follows), long siestas on the pristine white beaches and the amazing feeling that there’s just the two of you in the entire world-Maldives is pure paradise. Of course, there’s adventure sports, deep sea diving and all night partying to add to the mix.
Photo of Maldives by Juhi Bansal
Venice spells romance to the very core. Whether it’s the Gondola ride that’s takes you through the dreamy canals or the meandering narrow lanes where you can lose your way easily if you are walking hand-in-hand, too lost in each other. The Gondola ride is a little expensive and you may decide to not do it…we saved up for it (I did mostly by not shopping) and well, it was worth the sacrifice. Also, try and stay in an apartment rather than a hotel to experience the real beauty of Venice. We stayed in a beautiful house overlooking the canal and the hostess made us feel amazingly at home. If you choose wisely, it might actually turn out to be cheaper than staying in a hotel. Make sure you have the map and the directions to your accommodation handy. Venice is the most confusing city you ll ever go to and there are no local cabs (apart from water taxis) to take you to your destination so you normally have to walk quite a bit. Do not forget to enjoy the house wines and the local delicacy- Peas Risotto at the various pubs and eateries. After all, that’s the fun part!
Photo of Venice, Italy by Juhi Bansal
Istanbul is the perfect mix of old world charm during the day which turns amazingly contemporary as soon as the sun goes down. So, while you spend your mornings going around Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Basilica Cistern, don’t forget to visit the Grand Bazaar in the afternoons and pick up knick-knacks to carry back home, indulge in a luxurious turkish bath later to unwind and rest your tired soles. Newly rejuvenated, take the Bosphorus Cruise early evening and travel between the proverbial “two continents” and after you are done with all the “tourist-y” stuff, cool your heels with some amazing amazing night life in Beyoglu. There’s music, gastronomical surprises, beautifully lit up streets and even a quiet corner if you would like a romantic rendezvous!
Photo of Istanbul, Turkey by Juhi Bansal
Stockholm features 14 islands connected by a slew of bridges on Lake Mälaren and has an almost mystical charm about it. The city is very lively with an eclectic mix of ultra-modern architecture, a picture-perfect old town (Gamla Stan), and fairy tale-like towers and castles. Stockholm is known as the “Venice of the North” (and rightly so!). It has a great deal of lovely gardens, waterways and roof top cafes. For me Stockholm is extra special-it was here that I witnessed snow for the first time, stayed on an actual boat! and met some really beautiful and friendly Europeans. Its a beautiful city with a lot of history and of course home to our two favorite shopping giants.
Photo of Stockholm, Sweden by Juhi Bansal
It pains me to pick one specific place on the French Riviera because it’s so beautiful in entirety but if I had to (gun to my head) I would pick Èze Village. Nestled between Nice and Monte Carlo, it is a small village with both a beach and a view from the hilltop. The view is what sealed the deal for us. It’s 400 m above sea level and the Mediterranean sea looks absolutely gorgeous from up there. The meandering cobbled streets that lead up to the view and beyond are idyllic and very romantic when you walk holding your partner’s hand. There are small galleries and boutiques on the cute streets where you’ll definitely find your dream piece to take back home with you. What’s more….the cafe on the top has an absolutely stunning view and food to die for! A romantic dinner will call out to you the minute you see it. It might get slightly expensive to stay in Èze unless you choose “home stay” but it’s just a few minutes bus ride away from Nice so don’t miss out on it!
Photo of Èze, France by Juhi Bansal
Paris does have its moments-whether it’s strolling down the Seine, trying the amazing wines, breads and desserts or dining on the top of the Eiffel. We had a very romantic trip to the city partly because of the above and partly because it was the two of us. But, what simply took our breath away was the Eiffel Tower at night. There are just no words to describe it but I can say it with quite a conviction that it will probably be one of the most romantic things you’ll ever see in your life!
Photo of Paris, France by Juhi Bansal
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