10 Super-Safe And Best Places for Solo Trip For Female Travellers That Your Mom Won’t Say No To


The women’s travel market is worth around $19 trillion a year and yet incidents such as the gangrape of an American tourist in India, the murder of two Argentinian female backpackers in Ecuador and the kidnapping of two women tourists in Rio De Janerio are common and on the rise. While no country in the world is completely safe for women, it is important to figure out which are the best places for solo trip and the ones that are more friendlier than others and where locals are willing to offer a helping hand if a woman were to need it. This especially rings true in this age when women are travelling more and more, albeit, even alone.

After crunching some numbers from a few UN reports and figures and the OECD Better Life Index, I've put together a list of 10 countries that are the safest and probably the best places for solo trip based on night security, crime rate, rape crimes and global safety rank.

Credit: Jacob Surland

Photo of Denmark by Himani Khatreja

This Scandinavian country has been declared the world's best country for women to live in. Denmark actively promotes gender equality and ranks amazingly low in terms of discrimination and sexual harassment. In fact, Danish women remain the envy of the world for their quality of life and satisfaction in terms of personal life. The happy and content people, along with its medieval charm, beautiful landscape and unbeatable food and drink make Denmark one of the best places for solo trip for female travellers.

How many people feel safe at night: 85%

Top things to see and do: Explore and fall in love with the entertaining capital city of Copenhagen; Tour the resurrected royal castle of Koldinghus at Jutland; Enjoy horse-riding at the Dyrehaven Park; Pick from its many trails and take a hike in the outdoors; If you are here in August, checkout the Aarhus Festival; Bite into a Smørrebrød, a traditional open sandwich of dark rye bread; Dine at Formel B, a gourmet Michelin-star restaurant.

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Photo of Georgia by Himani Khatreja

Despite its unspoiled natural beauty and rich culture, Georgia began expanding for tourism only in 2008. This makes the country, located in Eastern Europe between Turkey and Russia, a budget destination, accessible to all kinds of travellers. And while cases of mugging and petty theft are common everywhere in Europe, crime in Georgia is at its lowest. Women travellers to the country have never reported feeling unsafe or uneasy, and instead liked the vibe on the streets even after it got dark. They also described locals as friendly and helpful.

How many people feel safe at night: 90%

Top things to see and do: Understand the country's history through its ancient architecture in the capital of Tbilisi; Explore Georgia's breathtaking nature at the Tusheti National Park; Visit traditional local markets and pick up the art of bargaining; Swim at the Black Sea in Batumi city; Pick up some Khinkali dumplings stuffed with spiced meat and pair it with a Georgian wine.

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Photo of Canada by Himani Khatreja

Canada's men are not overtly sexist and are good-natured, but it is a big country, so a sweeping statement claiming it is completely safe might be inaccurate. But violent crime against tourists is rare and in all probability, the worst behaviour you'll ever get will be at a bar. Otherwise, Canada is a welcoming country, especially to women travellers and has excellent transport links to facilitate their movement. Which is wonderful because there is much diversity in landscape to enjoy here, all from rainforest, deserts to mountains and prairies.

How many people feel safe at night: 82%

Top things to see and do: Head to the super-pretty Vancouver to enjoy both nature and civilisation; Visit a jazz club in marvellous Montreal; Figure out why the Niagara Falls are such a popular attraction; Indulge in whale-watching at Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia; Rent a car and explore the stunning countryside.

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Photo of Singapore by Himani Khatreja

For women travelling alone, there isn't a safer destination on earth. With strict laws and a no-tolerance attitude towards troublemakers, the rate of crime in Singapore is extremely low. Cases of sexual assault and street harassment are rare, making walking alone even at night a pleasurable experience. So pick Singapore if you are looking for best places for solo trip and spend time here exploring the city-state's colonial heritage, its ancient rainforests, the soaring skylines and the most glorious amalgamation of flavours.

How many people feel safe at night: 98%

Top things to see and do: Explore Gardens by the Bay, a botanical garden, which is more of a 21st century fantasy land; Look at Southeast Asian art at the gorgeous National Gallery; Get up close and personal with all kinds of fascinating animals at the stunningly laid out Singapore Zoo; Take a day trip to Pulau Ubin Island; Head to Chinatown to taste Singapore's street food favourites.

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Photo of Belgium by Himani Khatreja

This small nation packs in a lot to see and experience, yet is understood only in terms of Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. For history lovers, the World War I and II battlegrounds make for a fascinating walk down memory lane. For others, there are thousands of attractions to enchant you and keep you occupied – from medieval cities and lush green parks to breweries run by monks and an intriguing popular culture. Belgium is pretty safe too, in the sense that you won't be given 'special attention' for being a female. But it does have its share of petty crime, especially in the cities, but you should be okay as long as you use your common sense like you do back home.

How many people feel safe at night: 70%

Top things to see and do: Experience the magic of Bruges with a canal tour; Head to Brussels, the capital city, to check out its central square, sculptures, painting and general vibe; If around in July, witness Europe's largest cultural outdoors festival in Ghent; Visit the Flanders Fields to understand the life of a soldier during World War I; Drink the best of beer at its more than 1000 breweries and indulge your sweet tooth in Belgium's delicious chocolates.

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Photo of Austria by Himani Khatreja

Yes, there is more to Austria than Vienna's artistic and musical heritage. The country of alpine valleys and Habsburg architecture offers an unparalleled travel experience full of mesmerising natural wonders and the best in history, music and art. And it's absolutely safe for travellers of both genders. In fact, the crime rate here is so low that you can wander around solo, worry-free. But if you ever get lost, locals, most of who speak English, will help you find your way again. The only threat you will ever face is from an avalanche while you're enjoying skiing on Austria's stunning snow-covered mountains.

How many people feel safe at night: 81%

Top things to see and do: Explore the impressive Dachstein Caves at the Unesco World Heritage Site of Dachstein Salzkammergut in picturesque Hallstatt; Enjoy an opera performance at the world's largest floating stage in Bregenz; Take a tour of the world's highest accessible ice caves of Eisriesenwelt; Ski at the many alpine resort towns, such as Bad Gastein, and Heiligenbut; Head to Salzburg to visit the birthplace of Mozart.

Credit: Bernd Thaller

Photo of Slovenia by Himani Khatreja

This small country in Europe is often under-appreciated when treated as a stopover to other popular destinations such as Croatia. But it's easy to see why this is a mistake. Slovenia has the natural beauty of Switzerland and Austria, with over a third of it being a protected natural area. And with no crowds, over 1300 lakes and no fast food chains, this charming country promises an authentic travel experience. Solo female travellers should have a great time enjoying the outdoors here, which are free of crime and safe and comfortable. Since women have the same opportunities as men in Slovenia, the attitude of locals here is non-sexist and welcoming.

How many people feel safe at night: 84%

Top things to see and do: Climb the 2864m-high Mt Triglav (featured on the Slovenian flag); Cycle around and explore the gorgeous capital city of Ljubljana; Fall in love with the Venetian Gothic architecture in Piran, a coastal city; Try your hand at all kinds of adventure activities – from rafting and mountain biking to skiing – at Bovec; Take a train ride through the two-million-years-old Postojna Cave.

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Photo of Ireland by Himani Khatreja

I read somewhere that Irish moms teach their sons to use charm over aggression with women. While this attitude reeks of sexism both ways, it means that you might get special attention when seen travelling solo, but no one will treat you poorly. Women travellers have usually loved visiting Ireland and like its open and inviting vibe. Many have talked about the pub culture, which is welcoming and comfortable for women. So go witness the beautiful country with the refreshingly informal locals, rolling green hills, breathtaking prehistoric monuments and a deep-rooted culture.

How many people feel safe at night: 77%

Top things to see and do: Let your hair down with some Guinness beer in the capital city of Dublin; Take up surfing and enjoy some whale watching at Cork; Kiss the famous Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle for good luck; Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Giant’s Causeway; Hike through the very-pretty Connemara National Park.

Credit: Chamara Irugalratne

Photo of Comoros by Himani Khatreja

This tiny archipelago off the coast of northern Mozambique is matrilocal, meaning that the man moves into the woman's house after marriage. This tradition along with constitutional equality positions make Comoros one of the safest Arab countries in the world. Women move about freely and safely and enjoy a central position in society. Also, crime is low and alcohol forbidden. For those wanting to get a glimpse of the Arab way of life, this is a great destination, which comes with thrills such as stunning beaches lined with palm trees, giant bats in rainforests and the world's largest active volcano.

How many people feel safe at night: 72%

Top things to see and do: Sun bathe on the many white-sand beaches; Climb to the top of Mount Karthala, the largest active volcano in the world; Have an encounter with exotic birds, dolphins and turtles on the smallest island of Mohéli; Offer prayers at the Friday Mosque in the capital of Moroni; Indulge in scuba-diving in the turquoise blue waters.

Credit: Atibordee Kongprepan

Photo of Switzerland by Himani Khatreja

You can't feel safer than you would in Switzerland, even while out alone in a remote area on a hike. The country is super secure and the incredible transport network makes it easily accessible. 

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Switzerland is great for those wanting some time away from humans and looking to be one with nature. There are around 60,000km of hiking trails, thermal spas, alpine countryside, lovely cathedrals and museums and waterfalls and lakes to make this a sensational travel destination.

How many people feel safe at night: 87%

Top things to see and do: Walk around the amazing historic town centre at the capital of Bern; Visit the Swiss Rivera; Enjoy the nightlife of breathtaking Zurich; Ski in the pollution-free area of Matterhorn; Eat at the many international restaurants of Geneva.

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