Smartest travel hacks to save time and money


Travel hacks

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Most of us dream of going to exotic places all the time. But only a few are able to materialise their dream. Do you believe they earn or save more than you? That's certainly not the case. Then, why do you think that happens?

Well, the answer is very simple. Such travellers make use of some great travel hacks. Want to know some of those? Read on.

1. Eat heavy breakfast before leaving

Do you have an idea of where you spend the maximum money on while travelling? The expenditure is on food since those intermittent hunger attacks compel you to stop and eat at various places after every few minutes. But the amount you spend on that can be heavily cut down if you eat to your heart's content before leaving. And do carry some fruits and light snacks that you can quickly gorge on while travelling. You will end up saving a lot of bucks.

2. Use Internet for seeking information about places you visit.

We are living in an era where we have access to colossal information through our smartphones. Then, why depend on guides? Befriend Google and look up for all the information you require before visiting a place. Besides saving money, it will help you get a much better idea of the place you plan to visit.

3. Carry a water camper

Why shell out money on water bottles to quench your thirst when you can easily carry a water camper already lying at your place. Fill it upto the brim with cold water, carry some thermocol glasses and you are ready to go. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip!

4. Avoid living in a luxurious hotel

You are on a trip which means you would definitely be more inclined to explore the places around. Or do you want to waste your time lazing in your hotel's room? If the latter is what you like, it is better to stay at home and enjoy the comfort.

But if the former is what interests you more, get into a cheap hotel good enough to let you sleep soundly and devote more time to sight seeing.

5. Unnecessary shopping

A lot of travellers aren't able to resist themselves when it comes to shopping. But think about it! Shopping is something you can do in your own city also. Amassing unnecessary items as memories is sheer wastage of time and money. Unless you find something very antique, your shopping spree can be entirely avoided.

These simple hacks will definitely help you if you aren't willing to loosen your purse's strings but want to keep your desire to travel alive.