12 Female Travellers Reveal The Safest Destinations For Women In India


"It is too dangerous for a woman in India to travel alone."

Well I hate to burst your bubble, but the whole of India is not a page in your newspaper's crime section.

Of course there are some really unsafe places where even walking on road seems like an episode of Khatron ke Khiladi, but this country has more than just bad news.

So I went around Tripoto to look for travelogues of solo Indian female travelers who have opened up their positively surprising accounts of traveling in certain party of India that are anything but threatening.

Here are 12 safest destinations for women to travel in India.

According to a report prepared by Plan India and released by the women and child development ministry, the safest state to be a woman in India is Goa.

Credits: Pexels

Photo of Goa, India by Sreshti Verma

Read more about Goa - The Land of Allowances here

Despite suffering exploitation at the hands of commercialization, the well kept graciousness of Ladakh maintains through.

Photo of Ladakh Vacation, Leh by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Pramati Anand

Read more about goodness, beauty and adventure in the isolated safe haven of Ladakh in Pramati's trip Not Just Any Other Ladakh Trip.

Known for its French architecture and beautiful beaches, Pondicherry is also home to progressive people who mind their own business.

Photo of Pondicherry, Puducherry, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Shylu Vk

Read about Shylu's solo romance with Pondicherry in her trip Eloping With Myself to The French Town of India.

The "Scotland of the East" holds in it a priceless experience for any willing traveler.

Photo of Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Deepti Asthana

Read Deepti's account of experiencing home-stay and escaping into the beautiful wilderness of Shillong, in The Secret Escape From Shillong.

The ancient ruins of Vijayanagar hold a million narratives in its stones, and are best discovered in tranquility.

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by Sreshti Verma

Read Sneha's travelogue about traveling solo in train en route to an unknown land, in Me and My Backpack: First Solo Trip.

A jewel in the crown of India's Seven Sisters, Guwahati nourishes under the blissful ignorance of mainstream tourists.

Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Vaisakhi Mishra

Read Vaisakhi's heart account documenting flora and fauna of Guwahati, in Offbeat Guwahati.

On the banks of a mango shaped lake lies a town which was once the winter capital of The Raj, and is now favorite of millions of Indians.

Photo of Nainital, Uttarakhand, India by Sreshti Verma

Read about Harshita's solo backpacking journey around Uttarakhand, in Riding Solo in Uttarakhand in 4500.

The Himalayan desert is home to enchanting mountains, fascinating fairy-tales and some of the warmest people in the country.

Photo of Lahaul And Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Disha Kapkoti

Read ahead to know how Disha managed to travel from Kaza to Delhi hitching rides, in Hitchhiking Through Spiti Proved That Himachal Is Safest For Solo Female Travellers.

The royalty of Udaipur oozes out of its architecture and people, as they religiously follow commandment of "atithi devo bhava".

Photo of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Mitali Chakraborty

Read how it took Udaipur only 24 hours to woo Mitali, in 24 Hours in Udaipur.

Being the oldest continuously inhabited city of India, it is impossible to not be enchanted by the spiritual vibrance and order-in-chaos of Varanasi.

Photo of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Shweta

Read how Varanasi cast a spell on Shweta in her travelogue, Varanasi- The Calm in the Chaos.

There is more to Sikkim than tea gardens. Its locals and stunning mountains will remind you what hospitality really is.

Photo of Sikkim, India by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Vani Chandra

Read how 10 days were not enough to explore Sikkim for Vani Chandra, in A Solo Odyssey to Sikkim.

Exploring God's own country (Kerala) is incomplete without visiting the shrine which is India's largest tea growing estate.

Photo of Munnar, Kerala, India by Sreshti Verma

Read Soumili Chandra's travelogue on the divine road trip from Allepy to Munnar, in A Visit to God's Own Country.

Are you a female traveler whose solo journey to an Indian destination left her pleasantly surprised? We would love to hear your story. Share you trip with us here.

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PONDICHERRY? REALLY????? As a solo traveler, I HATED Pondicherry just because of the filthy people there. And I returned from there, only to find out that atleast 13 other women have had the same experience. Does not matter in what clothes and how many people you are with, Pondi men (and Policemen) make your vacation a Hell-Hole.
Thu 03 15 18, 17:21 · Reply · Report
you should totally add andamans in this list.
Wed 01 10 18, 09:50 · Reply · Report
nice list of safe tourist destinations for women...I've visited Goa and Hampi couple of times and Rajasthan too all of them felt safe for women.
Sat 11 04 17, 09:38 · Reply · Report
The Article & the following Comments are really nice. And I believe that whole India is safe for Women...
Sun 03 12 17, 14:14 · Reply · Report
Hi. This has motivated me to go on more solo trips. You can add Landour in this list too. My first solo trip was to this place. It is extremely beautiful, peaceful, and of course completely safe as well :)
Thu 03 09 17, 10:02 · Reply (1) · Report
Can you tell me how to reach Landour? Also, where did you stay?
Wed 05 17 17, 23:08 · Report
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