Staycation at Millenium Resort- Mussanah

Photo of Staycation at Millenium Resort- Mussanah by Sherinscorner
Photo of Staycation at Millenium Resort- Mussanah 1/3 by Sherinscorner

Everyone deserves a small break from our daily worked up and busy life. We decided to have a small staycation at this beautiful resort in Mussanah. We have heard so much about this place that we didn't want to miss it. Millenium Resort in Mussanah is one of the best resorts I have been to. This place makes me feel short of words to express of how gorgeous the resort is and especially the location of this beautiful resort.

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The Millenium Resort is on the banks of the sea which gives a beautiful sea view. We had booked a superior sea room and it was just gorgeous. The spacious room has a wonderful sea view and has a beautiful balcony where you can just sit, sip some coffee and relax admiring the beauty of the sea. The resort is beautiful with some good interiors and earthy colours. The service was excellent and there are a lot of activities that you can do apart from just chilling and relaxing.

The place has various amenities like a water adventure park, swimming pool, zip lining activity, water sports activities, etc. The fine dine-in restaurant has a wide spread of buffet serving different cuisines right from Chinese to Indian, Thai, and Arabic. The breakfast buffet was my favourite- pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, different variety of bread, Indian breakfast dishes etc-you name it and it was there! The food was excellent and definitely has no complaints about the food. The desserts- Oh Boy! It was a spread with different varieties of cakes, pastries, puddings etc.

The Millenium Resort also has an open bar restaurant adjacent to the pool with some live band and DJ performing which will let you have an enjoyable and a fun-filled night with your friends, partners or families. There are other restaurants as well serving different cuisines which suits your taste.

Photo of Staycation at Millenium Resort- Mussanah 3/3 by Sherinscorner

Overall, we had a fantastic experience and an overnight stay. This place is worth all the hype and you must definitely book your stay there. The service was excellent and the staff was courteous and helpful. Well, you can admire the pictures in this blog which might compel you to book your stay a little bit faster.

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