The Dubai Gourmet Trail: Part 1

5th Jul 2014

Oven Fresh Fateer, Al Amoor

Photo of Oven Fresh Fateer, Al Amoor by Sarah Walton


Photo of Abshar by Sarah Walton

Al Hadeera

Photo of Al Hadeera by Sarah Walton

Masgoof Smoking, Bait al Baghdadi

Photo of Masgoof Smoking, Bait al Baghdadi by Sarah Walton

Kabab BQ

Photo of Kabab BQ by Sarah Walton


Photo of Qbara by Sarah Walton

The Dubai Food Festival has been a tourism leap for Dubai. It’s showing us that Dubai is realising that it’s possible to work a little more cohesively to aid the tourist, and also to bring what may have been initially considered to be competing events into a harmonious whole. I think they may have figured out that is is possible to make 1+1=3, because this year, the food events over February and March seem to carry a whole lot more weight. And from what I’ve seen so far this year, it’s quite possible they can make the sum =4 by 2015.

And for food bloggers, it means that it’s gone from being a few scattered pieces of excitement to a month of excess. Non-stop eating and drinking, hobnobbing and namedropping, catching up, dropping in, standing by, sliding through and sitting in. I’m only three steps of the way through, and I’m already exhausted and 2 kg heavier.

But back to the Gourmet Trail. The Dubai Food Festival got six bloggers together and asked them for their opinions on the Dubai culinary scene, and for our top 20 restaurants in 5 categories. Others involved are Forkitoverdubai, WhenShaikhaCooks, Foodiva, Saba Wahid, and Secretsquirrelfood,  Below you’ll find mine. 

Divine Persian food in a lavish Jumeirah Beach road villa. This is my family’s favourite. Save room for dessert and visit the sweets shop. Try the Friday buffet. 3-ft sangak bread-making in the kitchen at entry. Must Have: Kashk Bademjan, lamb masti and jojeh chicken
Photo of Abshar - Umm Suqeim - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Sarah Walton
The epitome of Arabian dining. Eat on carpets on the sand at the magical Bab al Shams resort. Don’t eat all day, and bring a pashmina because it gets cold at night. Look for an inclusive dine and stay deal – it’s much cheaper. Menu must-haves: Lamb ouzi, Umm Ali
Photo of Al Hadeerah Restaurant Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Sarah Walton
Modern Arabic fused with international nuances in a vibrant, luxurious licensed venue. Dubai’s first truly chic Arabic restaurant. Take some time to sit at the bar for some lovely cocktails before dining. Menu must-haves: Sea bass and the date desert
Photo of Qbara Restaurant - Sheikh Rashid Road - Umm Hurair 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Sarah Walton
Watch the guys flip fateer better than Italian Pizza masters. Skip dessert somewhere else, and come here instead. Noise, vibrancy and tradition meet and give unceremonious high-fives Menu must-haves : A cream cheese feteer will set you back all of 15 aed and feed 2
Photo of Al Amoor Restaurant - 15 C Street - Hor Al Anz East - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Sarah Walton
great cheap Pakistani food in affluent Jumeirah. Check the menu for healthier options – there are plenty there. Slightly healthier versions of traditional fat-laden Pakistani food. Menu must-haves: Thali, mutton seekh kabab and garlic naan
Photo of Kabab BQ - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Sarah Walton
Traditional restaurant in old Dubai with happy, knowledgable Iraqi staff. Masghouf (or Masgouf or Masqouf) – best in Dubai and an Iraqi delicacy. Sammi the kebab man is awesome – his smile will keep you happy all night. Menu must-haves: Masghouf (Iraqi whole flame-grilled fish) or lamb shawarma in Iraqi bread
Photo of Al Bait al Baghdadi - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Sarah Walton