The postcard perfect island of Mykonos


The first evening on a journey is what changes your worldview. All you remember is that, this morning you woke up in your own bed, and now you're in an absolutely different place. And at that moment emotions just overwhelm you.

Just like going to Greece was always on my cards, but selecting which islands was the biggest challenge. I can't believe it took me so long to make it here, but I am so excited to have finally landed on the Greek Islands.

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My very first encounter with the Greek Islands was at Mykonos. Undoubtedly known as being one of the most popular Greek Isles located in the Aegean Sea one can realize that only after making a visiting here. Having heard so much about this island for it's party scenes combined with it's peaceful and relaxing ambiance, I landed here with zero expectations. After all when in Greece there was no way for disappointment. And the fact is that just moments after setting my foot on the island of Mykonos I grasped that this island had everything by itself, all that mattered was what you are here for.

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Reaching the hotel I so wanted to just toss away my luggage and explore the little town. With umpteen researches I selected an accommodation that was just at the start of old town so everything was so easily accessible by foot. Making my tiny feet swiftly to the town of Mykonos, being a small island I knew I had enough days and time to soak up the gorgeous Greek atmosphere.

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On the very first day making it straight to the numerous pristine beaches here, I started off my day from Platis Gialos. A complete turquoise blue beach, so calm that you could hear the water too.

Soaking in the tranquility of the azure water here, I then made my way to the Psarou beach and it was one great hike up to the beach. Walking by the cliff of this island along the unknown territories to another beach was just as much as fun as I could expect. Morever the site of the bay by the cliff was breathtaking too!

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Enjoying soaking up the sun as much as I could in the day, the evening was very well reserved to catch the sunsets by the iconic Windmills that used to grind grain until the mid-1960s . What more if you can catch the sunset sitting right by the cliff on the edge of the highest rock.

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However being summer season I failed to realize the sun wouldn't set anytime sooner than 10:00pm. So before heading to witness the gorgeous sunset I made my way to the Panagia Paraportiani, a Byzantine church that's arguably the most beautiful in the whole island.

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Wandering through the maze of narrow alleyways where the whitewashed buildings were all draped in bright pink flowers, I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was falling in love with Mykonos so much.

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It could be the people, the food, the tiny little winding stone floors amongst bright white buildings or the cobalt coloured doors. It could have been just anything this island offered.

Next day it was time to explore other side of the island and unwind by the Ornos beach. With the longest stretch of white sands in Mykonos, this beach had some of the most clear and transparent waters with plenty of taverns and bars along the bay.

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The cabanas on the beach and the whole bay gave it such a scenic mien and feel that spending half the day here was a no brainer. Later that evening was meant for exploring the old town of Mykonos on foot. This town, which is a total car free zone, gave me an instant feeling of being in a postcard that I had been seeing all my life. From unearthing the famous nightclubs and bars by the Little Venice to party scenes at Cavo Paradiso and Scandinavian Disco, Matoyianni Street in Mykonos had it all!

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I loved how this island conveniently lets you relax the whole day by the beach and then is ready for a quick trip into town for dinner, still never being far from the sea or the airport.

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Everything is very expedient and easy, and personally, that's what I wanted from a beach holiday.

Saving my last day for the best in Mykonos, it was time to let summer create its own story at Paradise beach.

A place which in the daytime is all about water, beach, sand and sun and how amazingly how it turns into a complete party place at the sundowner. With people dancing and flocking around, its like the sea is the bar with waves dancing to the tunes of the breeze.

What more can you ask than a day you spend watching the sun go down and then watching it burst up to it's liveliest.

For me travelling has always been about going away to a place I know I will fall in love with. And that's what Mykonos did to me.

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The photogenic pelican, the impressive Alefkandra windmills, the incredible blue skies and turquoise seas, the sensational sunsets, is something this island has given me!

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Watching sunset by the Alefkandra Windmills Party at the Paradise Beach Swim in the crystal clear azure waters when it comes to beach hiking do not miss from taking the road to Psaroa from Pltais Scandinavian Bar, Tropicana Bar and Paradise Club for some of the best parties scenes Have a picturesque meals at Little Venice

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