Things I hate about travelling SOLO!!

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I love solo trips like I love chocolate cake. Well, there is nothing wrong about chocolate cakes, they are impeccable and full of bliss. I don't want to get to the getting fat aftermath, let us just concentrate on the positive side of life, shall we ?

The Biryani Analogy

So I love SOLO trips like I love Biryani. ( Don't even read this if you consider Veg Biryani as Biryani. I am talking about chicken here. OK ? ). So my point is, the things we love always have some issues associated with it. Biryani has cloves which we obviously hate, but do we give up on Biryani ? hell no. I will never give up on SOLO trips too. So here is a list of things I absolutely hate about solo trips.

1. Who clicks my picture ?

Photographs are tickets to virtually visit those places once again. However in a SOLO trip, the challenge is to go speak to a decent looking stranger, and asking him/her to click the picture. Now that, I am posing for a stranger, I pose like how I pose when I go a far relative's wedding with the most awkward smile. In addition to that, I pose with the anxiety that he/she might runaway with the phone.( Nothing is worser than losing your phone in a SOLO trip) Finally, the stranger hands you the phone with the blury, dim and lame picture and you have to politely thank the stranger and try not to cry.

2. Safety

We live in a world of #metoo , this world can be a shitty place sometimes. There is always a concern in our mind about the safety factor, you are more vulnerable when you are in a different place especially when you are alone. No matter how much you love your freedom of a SOLO trip, it is equally important to go with caution and not make any risky decisions. Going into a forest at night is something I love but I would never do it alone. Sometimes in some places, you limit yourself because of the risks pertaining to certain things is high.

So I can only think of these two things as cloves in my Biryani. But I am not gonna give up on Biryani. We are not quitters, Are we ?

Solo travelling is not easy, but totally worth it but not worth your life. Having realized the adventure of travelling SOLO and understanding the dark side of it, I am in terms with my demons and I always believe in following my guts. Do not follow your heart, for it is dumb. Follow your instincts and say a little prayer, the Universe will take care of you. Period.

Photo of Things I hate about travelling SOLO!! 2/2 by Cynthia Josef