This Indian Woman Travelling Around The World Without Her Kid And Husband Is Inspiring Millions


Voice of Ram, a collaborative publishing platform led by Ram Subramanian, created a video of a married Indian woman travelling around the world alone. The theme and message of the video resonated so powerfully with the audience that it received over 1.5 million views overnight!

In the video, the woman talks about leading a rather conservative life, until her husband urged her to discover the adventurer side to herself, enabling a passionate traveller! In the beginning of the video she notes,

"Someone once said, "Every one has two lives; the second life begins when you realise you only have one." But what one does after realising that, is the real question."

The video marks her transition as a dependent partner who stuck to the stereotypes, which allow women to only occupy marginal positions in relationships and society. But once she started taking baby steps towards liberation, she realised that it didn't come easy.

"It really takes a lot to find the ability to say no to outdated rules written by an outdated society. My husband helped me find that ability. It didn't come easy. For living a life in a way that resonates with my heart is not as easy as eating a piece of cake. It takes work. I can only truly live life when I give it my 100%."

Watch the inspiring video here,

Have you been waiting for a wake up call? Then consider this video as one! Break away from the comforts of a routine and throw yourself into the exciting unknown world of travel. This Indian woman eloquently puts how this condition affects our mind and why it takes courage to actually break out of it. She says,

"It's only after you have spent a large part of your life inside a routine that you truly understand the importance of every single moment that passes by. And let's be honest, there are only a few people who can manage to get out of that routine and breathe the fresh air of freedom."

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