15 Short And Fun Getaways From Mumbai That You Can Wrap Up Over The Eid Weekend


Have the urge to travel but not enough time? Did you know there are several exciting places to visit near Mumbai within 100km that offer a perfect holiday in just two days!

City life can take a lethal toll on the spirit of a traveller. Don't just get caught up in office routines, take every chance you get to break away from it all.

1. Take a road trip to Alibaug

Alibaug is a small beach town that is an ideal place to visit near Mumbai within 100km. The best way to travel to Alibaug is by road, and even better as a road trip with friends. The Alibaug Beach and Fort are a must visit, and you can also head to Khanderi and Underi Islands for an even quieter getaway.

Distance from Mumbai: 96 km

Where to stay: Hira Laxmi Residency

(c) Rakesh Ayilliath

Photo of Alibaug, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

2. Explore the history of Lonavala

Given the extreme popularity of the hill station, mainstream travellers often miss out on the historical attractions of the beautiful tourist places near Delhi. Situated very close to Lonavala are the Karla Caves, Bedsa Caves and Bhaja Caves that make for an interesting visit. Also check out the Lohagad, Visapur and Tungi Forts that hail back to the Yadava Empire.

Distance from Mumbai: 96 km

Where to stay: Citrus Lonavla

3. Go trekking in Khandala

While in Khandala, take the scenic trek to Ulhas Valley that falls en route to Karjat. Since the trek to the valley is a popular one, you can easily do this without a guide. The best time to visit Ulhas Valley is from July to December, after the monsoon is over. The trek begins from Khandala and will take you through some of the best sights of the Western Ghats.

Distance from Mumbai: 86 km

Where to stay: Zara's Resort

4. Switch off at Matheran

Want to escape and disconnect from the humdrum of city life? Then choose this option from the list of places to visit near Mumbai within 100km. The no-automobile hill station has preserved its biodiversity and welcomes travellers only under the strict rules of not leaving any trace behind.

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km

Where to stay: Hotel Peace Park

(c) Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Matheran, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

5. Go bird-watching at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located on the outskirts of Mumbai and is a great pick if you are looking for a day trip. A much closer destination than the other places to visit near Mumbai, Karnala Bird Sanctuary covers the area around the historic Karnala Fort and is great for bird-watching during the colder months when birds from higher altitudes migrate here.

Distance from Mumbai: 47 km

Where to stay: K Stars Woods Resort

6. Trek to the hidden Irshalgad Fort

The fortress of Irshalgad is perched between Matheran and Panvel, and has several water cisterns on the rock, making it an ideal trekking destination. The nearest village is Irshalwadi, which often serves as the basecamp for the 2-hour trek to the fort. The route is child friendly, and can easily be done without a guide.

(c) Bhanu

Photo of Irshalgad, Nadhal, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 50 km

Where to stay: Sadanand Resort

Have a few more days to kill? Let go of the places to visit near Mumbai within 100km and head to these places instead for a longer getaway.

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7. Chill out in Dahanu

The coastal town of Maharashtra is the perfect place to just go and relax. With unspoilt beaches, rose gardens, great walking stretches and wonderful cafes, Dahanu is meant for a lazy weekend.

(c) Surya Sen

Photo of Dahanu, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 136 km

Where to Stay: Anand Resort

8. Go scuba diving in Tarkali

If you're looking for places to visit near Mumbai for a longer escape, the pristine beachside of Tarkali awaits you on the Arabia seaside. Tarkali has over 5 km long stretches of white sand beaches. From laying down and doing nothing to diving into the beautiful corals. From snorkelling to scuba diving, Tarkali has professionals offering everything by the beach-side.

Photo of Tarkarli, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 400 km

Where to Stay: Swati Nyahari Nivas

9. Trek in the misty hills of Igatpuri

The misty mountains of Sahyadri are great for a hike or trek, and given the completely different landscape of these hills from the Himalayas, the treks here hold a completely different experience. You can also take a meditative retreat at the world renowned Dhammagiri Vipassana Center in Igatpuri and visit this place near Mumbai for a meditative retreat.

Photo of Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 120 km

Where to Stay: Dew Drops Boutique Retreat

10. Sail to the Janjira Fort in Murud

Janjira, the strongest Marine Fort in India is truly a spot to explore when you're looking at places to visit near Mumbai. Not only does it giant structure in the middle of the ocean seem captivating, but the fact that it has a salt water tank within it makes it even more fascinating. The fort can be reached by a ferry from Murud.

(c) Ishan Manjrekar

Photo of Murud-Janjira Fort, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 165 km

Where to Stay: Camp Wanderlust

11. Explore the world of wines in Nashik

Known as India's Vineyard, Nashik has many wineries that you can tour, eat at and visit. York, Sula and Soma Vineyards are the ones that are open to tourists. In fact, if wine tasting manages to bore you somehow, you can always check out the stunning Pandavleni Caves in Nashik.

Photo of Nashik, Maharashtra, India by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 167 km

Where to Stay: The Gateway Hotel Ambad

12. Visit the meteorite Lonar Lake in Buldhana

This salty soda lake was created upon impact with a meteorite several thousand years ago. There are several Hindu temples along it, telling a different tale of its formation. It is the camping on outskirts of Lonar Lake that makes for most fun and adventure.

Distance from Mumbai: 500 km

Where to Stay: MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) Resort

13. Stand still in front of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The probability of you staying in Mumbai and not visiting Ajanta and Ellora Caves is very little. But just in case you have managed to miss out on these rock-cut wonders, let the next weekend be a trip to Aurangabad.

Photo of 15 Short And Fun Getaways From Mumbai That You Can Wrap Up Over The Eid Weekend by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 425 km

Where to Stay: Rama International

14. Explore Panchghani like never before

Panchghani is one of the extremely popular tourist places near Mumbai and Pune. Every weekend people flock here to escape the heat. But before you dismiss it as any other overcrowded hill station, take a weekend to explore its beauty.

Photo of 15 Short And Fun Getaways From Mumbai That You Can Wrap Up Over The Eid Weekend by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 244 km

Where to Stay: Srushti Agrotourism Resort

15. Take a beach day off at Ganpatipule

The white sand Konkan beaches of Ganpatiphule are a must visit for travellers looking for places to visit near Mumbai. The Aare Ware beach in Ganpatipule is still a little far away from the eyes of mainstream tourists. So you should definitely consider heading over this weekend to tranquil beach side.

Photo of 15 Short And Fun Getaways From Mumbai That You Can Wrap Up Over The Eid Weekend by Sreshti Verma

Distance from Mumbai: 332 km

Where to Stay: Konkan Nest Resort

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Planning a trip from Mumbai? Ask the community of travellers for amazing recommendations and explore the offbeat destinations as you travel over a weekend.

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