Travel #UnExploredNorthEast

Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 1/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Cystal Lake in Arunachal Pradesh , Dirang
Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 2/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Ranghar Ampitheater of Royal Ahoms ,Sivasagar 
Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 3/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Krangshuri Falls River Stream, Meghalaya 
Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 4/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Majuli Island Village (world largest river island) 
Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 5/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Maguri Beel , Birdwatching point ,Tinsukia
Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 6/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Guijan Ghat , Tinsukia, Dibru Saikhuwa 
Photo of Travel #UnExploredNorthEast 7/7 by Rituraj Gogoi
Painkhaiti , Brahmaputra , Guwahati

All shots have been captured by me , check my instagram travel related profile @UnexploredNortheast for more contents travel exclusive of Northeast .