Trip down memory lane 

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It was 2017 when I had my first trip and now 2020, I am still planning for those weekends I get. While my bucket list is long and there is hardly any weekend for 6-days working employee, I somewhere manage to plan a night or two away from the city I live in. My journey is not that long but still, I have seen some known places that lie close to culture and nature. While some of my trips have not been the way I expected, these are the places I wish to visit again and again.

The calm scenic hill station or call it a sleepy village that is known mainly for Cannabis, has more to it. One thing I heard about Kasol was there is a magic in the air, and yes you can feel it the moment you step on the dreamy land of Kasol.

Lying at an altitude of 1649 meters, the calm peaceful aura of Kasol is disturbed by the noise of roaring Parvati River that is always on the verge of high current. Here the mountains are laced with the deodar trees while the narrow roads lead you towards an unknown path. Thanks to tourism and backpackers who can be spotted any time of the year, this village of Parvati valley is never isolated, where you can find the hippies strolling in the markets.

Kasol is ideally a gateway for trekkers who are keen to experience isolation and the bliss of nature. Apart from the famous Tosh and Kherganga trek, Grahan or Malana village trek is something you can’t miss to live the moment. With the smoky cafes and perfectly adorned homestay, Kasol has never missed surprising the visitors with its rustic charm.

Photo of Trip down memory lane by Touring&tales

Leisure is all you can enjoy, even after descending that dramatic untamed terrain. The hot water spring and Manikaran Gurudwara, the lively vibes of Choj Valley and the thrilling rush of Parvati valley are all that will be awaiting your arrival in this so-called Mini- Israel.

Reaching there- There are buses from Delhi- Manali that will drop you at Buntar and you can board the local bus or hire a cab to Kasol depending on the budget.

I have never fallen in love with any place, but Bir is the exception. With the green fields, the fancy cafes and streets blessed with the monks, Bir Billing is the place where tranquillity lies in every corner.

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The town of Kangra valley beholds the colour of Tibetan culture with the vibrant monasteries. There are tea gardens that enclose the narrow lane and lead you towards the magnificent town of thousands of Indians. What makes Bir so famous among the backpackers or travellers is the adventure it offers. Bir-Billing hosts the highest paragliding of India and other sports like cycling and trekking.

Taking about the gateways, Bir Billing lies close to the famous Macleod Ganj that is a 4-hour drive from the town. Bajnath and Palampur are the two nearby places you can discover during a day tour or en-route on your way.

Photo of Trip down memory lane by Touring&tales

Reaching There- There are few buses available from Delhi-Bir but there is regular bus connectivity from Dharamshala or Palampur.

The call is a bird watcher’s paradise or a scenic little village amidst the popular lake city or Kumaun, Nainital, Pangot is an ideal destination where you can rejuvenate your soul and experience nature at its best. With the forest enclosing the trails and the birds rhyming with nature, Pangot is just 17 km from Nainital and an off-beat destination to spend the weekend.

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The darkness of the woodlands not generally the sunlight to settle on the ground, but the warmth can be felt as you proceed towards the inhabited region. Where the mountains are being flooded with the crowd, Pangot is the place where you will experience solitude, the refreshing air and the vibrant colours. Pangot houses around 500-600 species of birdlife, making it the ideal spot to observe the vibrancy.

Photographers and birdwatchers must add Pangot to their bucket list where you can discover the species like blue-winged minla, Rufous-bellied niltava, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, khalij and more, some endemic to Kumaun and some migratory.

Photo of Trip down memory lane by Touring&tales

Reaching There- The best way to reach the village is to board the bus from Delhi to Nainital and hire a cab that will drop you to this tranquil village.