Pangot- Escape to an isolated heaven

28th Sep 2018
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Pangot, an isolated village of Uttrakhand is a perfect escape from the hustle bustle of city life. Lying at a short distance of 18 km from Nainital, Pangot gives the feel of being close to nature, far away from the chaos. Being a mountain lover, the journey to the hills have always mesmerised me in a way or other, but my short escape to Pangot was something more than a trip. It was a reunion of my spirit with my core. After a long time, a peaceful essence of Pangot made me regain the missing tranquility and joy.

Photo of Pangot, Uttarakhand, India by Touring&tales

What Pangot Hides?

Pangot is nothing more than a bird sanctuary, but being too close to Nainital add more fun and adventure to the destination. The Naini lake, Eco Cave Garden, Mall road and amazing food joints at Nainital makes it the most popular weekend gateway from Delhi. So if you are planning to cover Nainital with Pangot, you will definitely get more to explore and experience.

Talking about what to do in Pangot, it is a silent paradise that is a niche to birds and an excellent spot for the bird watcher. Just plan your trip according to the season if you really want to spot some fantastic bird spices. As per the estimation, about 580 species of birds are recorded to be found in Pangot. This is the reason that makes Pangot, one of the best birding destination found in India. The name goes as blue-winged manila, Lammergeier, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied niltava, Himalayan griffon, and khalij pheasant. This information was provided by one of the villagers that I cross-checked later.

If you can't spot the birds, still the dense ban-oak trees, pine and rhododendron jungle makes the no less than some of the renowned wildlife sanctuaries. The quiet and peaceful vibes of Pangot with the crisping and chattering of animals, birds and insects is like a magical melody or morning song that everyone loves to enjoy.

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The forest of Pangot is always echoing the harmony of flora and fauna with little trails that play hide and seek with the sunlight.

When to visit?

Pangot is a year-round destination that you can visit anytime according to your plan and interest. The activities at Pangot are not much and Nainital being close to the place, is always open. So, one can easily plan accordingly.

The best time to visit Pangot is March to June. This is the time when the weather is perfect for outdoor activities and quite pleasant. You can plan and try out some adventure as paragliding, trekking and camping.

Monsoon can be a bit risky as there are chances of landslides up at the mountains. But during September- October, the place is isolated, and you can enjoy the solitude if you want to get a break from the busy and chaotic schedule.

Winters are always pleasant with cold chilling weather, the hot morning sunlight and the aromatic environment. Maybe you get to experience some snowfall from late November to February.

Photo of Pangot- Escape to an isolated heaven by Touring&tales

My experience at Pangot

Day 1

The trip was short but worth. I started my journey from Delhi, and within 6 hours I reached Pangot. The first day was complete leisure. The view from the hotel room, the calmness of the valley and the little chill in the weather made my leisure day perfect. Later in the evening I went out to capture the landscape and to test my luck as if I could spot some birds.

Day 2

The next morning, after hot chocolate milk, I started my Pangot tour. My only focus was to explore the village nothing else, so I didn't include Nainital to the itinerary. Due to certain tragedies on my way, I couldn't extend my trip, and I have to return the second day. But one thing I clearly know that this is the place I need to visit again. The waterfall, dense jungle, terrains, the narrow road and everything about Pangot is different from some of the best hill station in Uttarakhand. The whole and untouched village of Kumaun is no doubt the best offbeat destination that one must visit to witness the real beauty of nature and feel the harmony and magical vibes of the natural panorama.

What's best about Pangot is that it can be your solo trip destination and an exciting gateway with a gang of bikers or your squad. Its all up to you how you want to explore.

Photo of Pangot, Uttarakhand, India by Touring&tales

I will be sharing some of the best photos I captured during my journey in me next Photo blog.

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