Why Travel writing isn't about travel anymore

25th Oct 2016

A lot of people are following their dreams these days, and the most common dream for everyone is to go out and travel the world. The passion to see the world and not working to fulfill someone else's dream in a 9 to 6 job is what every college student comes out with.

In this rat race, the easiest option is to work online, freelance your skills. But, how do one advertise? Write blogs. Go to some free domain-name providing website, create your website and start writing blogs. Which basically converts a travelers' journey into a tourists' trip. Instead of experiencing every bit of journey, people are concentrating more on making notes of things to do, places to see, restaurants to eat at and so on. Which is completely fine if you write about them while narrating your experience. However, it ends up in becoming a post with titles like 10 restaurants to eat at, 7 things I realized, 8 things to carry, 9 places to go to this winter etc etc etc

We are basically losing the content. We are not describing how we reached a place, what obstacles we faced, how people treated us, the best thing we did, how we did it, how was the experience, basically the description of the journey is completely missing from the articles.

I really feel, one should write about his/her experience, so that even if someone reads ten thousand blogs about the same place, they will still have different content to read. When a person reads your blog they should walk that mile with you, they should exhaust on that trek you did, they should have the same smile while reading your blog that you had when a stranger helped you.

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