5 Most Scenic Hiking Trails in The UAE

21st Apr 2022
Photo of 5 Most Scenic Hiking Trails in The UAE by Fahim

1. Hidden Oasis of Ras al Khaimah

Hidden Oasis is one of the best and top rated hiking trail in the UAE. As the name hints, its truly an oasis in the midst of the mountain. The Hike is about 12 KMs total. With the recent developments, the trail is well marked until the summit & back. Once you reach the Greenery part, you will have an option to climb further up to the village. View from the top is breathtaking. Villagers are very friendly & welcoming. Don't miss a chance to have a cup of tea if they offer. Hike Starts at one point of lower Jabel Jais road, near to bear grylls camp. Carry Minimum 3 liters of drinking water, electrolytes & snacks. Total moving time is 3 to 4 hours with maximum Elevation of 900 meters. Best time to hike this trail is from December to March. Greenery forms only after December/ January rains in UAE.

2. Wadi Ghub / Rainbow valley Hike of Fujairah

Rainbow valley of Fujairah is known for its beautiful multi-colored rock formations within the mountains. Hike starts from the Ghub village of Fujairah. There is no proper marked trail to complete this hike. Government don't entertain people to hike this place and there are usual military checking reported & people are returned as the valley is sharing border with Oman, as per the report from February 2022.

This hike is categorized as an exploration trail and summit point is 7 KMs from the start point, which is 14 KMs in total.

90% of the hike is mostly covered in shades as its a walk in the valley and mountains are on both the sides.

The most popular coloured rock layers are just 2 KMs from the start point.

People with any fitness level can try out this trail as they can stop and return back through the same valley whenever they wish to.

Carry 3 to 6 liters of water based on the distance you plan to hike. Best time to hike this place is from November to March.

Other alternate coloured trails that you can visit in Fujairah is Ain al sheria, which is a well marked hiking trail just in case if the entry restrictions to Rainbow valley is closed in future.

3. Stairways to Heaven of Ras Al Khaimah

Stairways to heaven is rated as one of the toughest Hiking trail in the UAE. This hike starts from Wadi Galilah Dam and its well marked until the summit.

Rated as Moderate Plus to Difficult, one should have good fitness level to complete this hike. No technical climbs involved. But has an elevation of 1450 Meters with a lot of man made stairs to climb. People usually complete this trail as a multi day trek. Also can be completed with in 9 to 10 hours with 8 hours of moving time. There are 6 rest points throughout the trail and a village at the summit. People living there are very friendly. Carry minimum 5 liters of water and snacks. Start early if you are planning for a day hike. Best time to Hike this trail is on winters, November to March.

Stairways to heaven hikes are categorized into 2 trails. One is the right bank, which i have described about and the other one is the left bank, which is very difficult and technical. Left bank has no proper marked trail and not for beginners or people who are scared of heights. Left bank shares border with oman and hence its not advised to hike there. Start Point and the summit is same for both trails. But left bank is 17 KMs with the elevation of 1700 Meters. Do not try out this trail unless you are doing it with a guide or anyone who knows the trail well.

4. Rafisah Dam to Al suhub rest house Trail - Sharjah

This is one of the newly marked hiking trails in the UAE. The Hike starts from Al Rafisah dam all the way to the top and finish at Al Suhub rest house.

With the recent developments, Dam also offers activities such as Kayaking & pedal boats for rental.

This Hike is about 8 KMs total and can be done in 2 to 3 hours of moving time, with the elevation of 550 Meters. This trail is kids friendly and rated as easy level. There are Many picture perfect spots throughout the trail. Restaurants and toilets are available on the summit and starting point.

Carry 3 liters of water. Best time to visit is on UAE winters.

5. Seven summit Hiking trail of Fujairah

One of the very easy and kids friendly Hiking trail in the UAE.

This 1.9 KM loop trail starts from the Flag park & has an elevation of 70 Meters which can be completed with in 60 minutes. These are 7 small mountains connected from one to other and each mountain has a watch tower on their summit, which represents 7 emirates of the UAE.

This is one of the short & scenic trail in fujeirah. Best time to hike this trail is during sunset.

Fujairah adventure park lies close to this place if you are planning for a full day tour in the city where you can try different activities.

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