Holizoned in the Braj.

Photo of Holizoned in the Braj. 1/1 by Ayush Dinker

I have been chasing Holi in the Braj (Mathura) for three years now and this year was enlightening on many levels. It’s amazing that being at the right place at the right time generates thoughts that you are able to completely relate with life. When you are out there it’s a different zone altogether and this zone grasps everyone in itself. It is a strange intoxication of sorts- one that brought me to the place three years in a row. Holi in Braj is an euphoria in itself, ‘bhang’ is barely a cherry on the cake. It is this aspect of the Braj holi and Life that makes it what it is- euphoric, larger-than-life, universal! 

Nandgaon is believed to be Lord Krishna's village.
Photo of Nandgaon, Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh 246747, India by Ayush Dinker
Barsana is the village where Radha belongs from.