A go to place, always.

8th Oct 2019
Photo of A go to place, always. by Aneisha Kaushik

To the ones who are near dehradun-mussoorie or are even planning on spending their days off at these or any nearby places, I would like to share with you a place. Unlike any monument or landmark place, it is a cafe which gives you immense happiness of being on mountains. The view this cafe offers, makes you realise how mesmerising the nature is and how beautiful your life can be on mountains. If you are a kind of person who prefers peace and comfort over any other elite sophisticated place, I recommend you all for this place. Nothing could be a more deadly combination than of good food and fabulous view. You go alone, or you go with friend/(s), this cafe will never disappoint anyone. It is located on mussoorie road. It is about 6 -8 kms ahead of famous DEHRADUN zoo which is located on the Mussoorie road itself. After crossing the zoo i.e. on the way to Mussoorie, you may see a shiva temple. After crossing this temple, there would be a board of ‘first gear cafe’ with an arrow sign on your right side. Carefully tread there because the cafe is placed so steep that you could only reach there by using 1st gear of your vehicle.

I hope you have a wonderful time there.

Photo of A go to place, always. by Aneisha Kaushik