Almora- The Land Unknown

1st Oct 2015

A short sojourn amidst the hills, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Head out to Almora if your Delhi Life has turned into a mundane and monotonous cycle. Fast Bullets to Try Out:

  • Cold Coffee at Noorzang, Almora
  • Chat, Roadside at Almora
  • Chai at Bus Stop, Haldwani
  • A bath in Kosi River, Almora
  • Sunset, BrightEnd, Almora
  • Sunrise, Gandhi Ashram, Kausani
  • Meadows Trek, On way to Kosi, Almora

Do not buy anything. Leave the materialistic things aside. Just Enjoy the merging of space, horizon and time into one. Immerse yourself and take the breath as fresh as it can be !

We took a bus from Anand Bihar ISBT. Advice: Never take buses for the Kumaon Region from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate. All the buses go to the Gharwal Region towns (Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Roorkee etc). Kumaon Region includes Almora, Haldwani, Nainital, Bageswar, Bunsar, Jageshwar & all the way to Nepal through small towns.

This was our first spot where we stopped after an eight hour bus drive from Delhi. Reached Haldwani in the morning. ( Amount spent is Rs.750); from Haldwani you can get taxis ranging from 100 INR to 250 INR ( maximum that you should pay for a shared taxi). Advice : always take taxis which already have some passengers else, the others make you wait very long. Haldwani is a small town with various connectivity with other cities in the Kumaon Region (Nainital, Jageshwar, Almora etc. ). The Bus Stand is huge and has plethora of buses to choose from for your destination.

This is a lovely old town which has been the capital of Kumaon during the British Rule. Old buildings, Churches, narrow market lanes, up and down hill roads- all at one place. Do not forget to try Chat, Tikki and Cold Coffee at Almora. Drive down hill to take a bath in serene KOSI River; still and untouched. Almora is one of the best places still untouched by tourists and with sunrise and sunset views you can not forget. The evening walk to the BrightEnd Chowraha is one of the best walks you can have in a hill. For people who love calmness, away from touristy places; do visit it; you won't forget to cherish the trip and the Hills - specially the Trishul View during sunset.

One of the best places to spend a night. Spend a night at Gandhi Anasakti Ashram (Rs.150 per room per night inclusive of breakfast) What else do you want !! The sunrise from the Ashram is marvellous. Kausani is an extremely small, calm and serene town. Visit recommended for anyone who want to get away from time & space and forget themselves amidst the vast expanse of star studded night.