Photo of Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India by Nithin R

The story of Badrinath:

Lord Vishnu will be in search of a good place where all the people can come and get rid of their sins. He comes to Badrinath in this process. He gets to know that this place belongs to Lord Shiva & Parvathi, but he wants this place at any cost as he feels this is the best place for getting rid of the sins. So he disguises himself as a small baby.

Shiva & Parvathi will be going around the city and finds a small baby crying. Parvathi takes the baby and breast feeds it. The next day they again come to the same place only to find the small baby grown into a huge size. Shiva gets angry and asks why were they cheated, to which Vishnu tells "I want this place badly, but I know it belongs to you. Now that your wife has breast fed me, I'm your child and you can't say no to me now". Shiva and Parvathi will agree and leave Badrinath. They will go to Kedarnath.

Since the baby grows into a huge size, Vishnu is also called as Badri Vishal. Badrinath is one among the Char Dham places. I was lucky enough to visit this holy place.

There is a small hot water sulphur spring called Tapt Kund, which has natural hot water. This is where pilgrims take bath. It is believed that it has amazing healing effects, but bathing here for a long time is not recommended.

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