Harkidun Trek

4th May 2020
Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh
Day 1

Har ki Doon trek Blog

If there is any trek in the Himalayas which provides dramatic landscapes and thrilling experience, I must say Har ki Doon is the one that has changed my life when I was completely new to the trekking world. I did a lot of research about this trek and was mesmerized by the scenic landscapes on the net. I must say it is one of the best trekking routes in the Garhwal Himalayas. On a fine Sunday morning, I texted my friend saying “Hey I checked out this cool stuff about Har Ki Doon '' and they questioned me about the cool stuff. I told them that the trek is a complete feast to the eyes. I showed them the pictures and they were awestruck. “Chal ab toh Jana parega, Aur nahi roka ja raha mujse”. It was during the Diwali time, I planned roughly around the end of October. The Autumn season was the perfect time even though the trail is open throughout the year. We were 5 of them. Everyone was excited, the trek was long and very tiring. But it is not difficult. Some parts are steep and some parts are even. So I took the bus from Delhi (Kashmere Gate Isbt) to Dehradun. Buses keep plying in that route. You can either pre-book or book it on the spot, which I always do especially the government buses. The drive to Dehradun was very scenic and enchanting. There are many tranquil towns near Dehradun like Mussoorie, Dhanaulti and many others. Thoughts were flowing while passing through the serene environment: 

Sometimes, our dreams float far away across the valleys,

Sankri village

Photo of Har Ki Doon Trek by Ganga Singh

Osla 👉🏻 harkidun

Photo of Har Ki Doon Trek by Ganga Singh

Beautiful children Village osla

Photo of Har Ki Doon Trek by Ganga Singh
Photo of Har Ki Doon Trek by Ganga Singh

On the way Route harkidun osla

Photo of Har Ki Doon Trek by Ganga Singh

Local festival osla

Photo of Har Ki Doon Trek by Ganga Singh
Day 2

To create a lot of memories

Our friends, family that we cherish

One day, I shall be making a wish; 

wishes of becoming a legend !!

Whenever I go especially in the Himalayas, I pen down my thoughts and I get lost into the charisma of nature. The trek starts from the village ahead of Sankri. We took a bus which plies from Dehradun to Sankri and enters through Govind Pashu Vihar National Park. The park is well known for rare species of animals and birds and a home to many plants. Sankri is a quaint village, mostly trekkers rest here before starting the trek. Everyone was tired , so we booked the room and rested for a while. We had a hot cup of chai biscuits for refreshments, strolled around the village and spoke to the villagers. They told us about the folktales and myth of this village. All 5 of us were startled to hear amazing stories. The next day, I woke up with a positive mindset and the taxi driver drove us to the first base camp that is Taluka. This is where the trek starts.  I was welcomed by the green delicious grass of Taluka and I could hear the reverberation of the river through my ears. The scene was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking photos. I was always the last one. Everyone moved ahead because I was busy clicking pictures of the snow-capped mountains, verdant meadows, undulating valleys. One had mild symptoms if Amd and felt weary as it was her first time in the mountains. The trail was steep after crossing the village Taluka. The 10kg backpack on my back made it even difficult for me to trek. Some moments were like: I want to give up whereas my friend would cheer me up saying”Bas Thora Aur Baki Hai”. With those motivational words, I kept but my knees started aching. I was in pain but the views which I encountered were like postcards. I took ample videos of the trail, the gushing of the river, and beautiful


Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Congratulations all team members With Discoveryhike Certificate

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Har-ki-doon Valley of flowers trek in uttarakhand

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Himalayan Mouintain view

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh
Day 3

wildflowers. One of my friends couldn’t trek further as she was unfit and gave up already. She halted in the village of Osla. Osla is another tiny hamlet in Uttarakhand. The Himalayan range can be seen from this village and mind you the people are so welcoming that you would feel homely. My friend decided to stay back in that village.  After crossing Osla, the trail leads to deep forests of Govind Pashu Vihar National Park. I still remember taking a photo of a mushroom. It was a different kind. The species in Govind Pashu National Park are rarely found. After half an hour, I took a break and relaxed for a while. I told my friends that it is so strange that I wasn't mesmerized by the beauty of the Himalayas when I saw them for the first time. I didn't have a passion for Travelling maybe because I went on a trip with my family.  Sounds funny and it's quite the opposite now😂. Everyone laughed. And I still remember the first time I heard about this trek, someone had told me it was for 11days! I was surprised at the fact that with college it wasn't possible to manage. When I searched on the net it said 8, but I managed to finish it off with it in 3 days of crazy adventure. I continued to trek till I reached the Har ki Doon valley. My friends stopped in between a couple of times, enjoyed the scenic route. The valley is embellished by the Garhwal Himalayas, and you will spot Mount Swargarohini.  In between the trek, I witnessed these tall beautiful trees on my way to the valley while grabbing some energy bar, I had to halt and looked up at the sun kissing my face. I was treading along with the trail full of charismatic aura of the jungles, whispers of the birds and animals, the unknown meadow pathways. According to the legends, Har ki Doon is known as the valley of Gods. It was believed that during the time of Mahabharata, Arjun and the Pandavas crossed this valley barefoot and only one could make it to heaven. ie Swarg. Once I reached the valley, I was left dumbstruck. There is immense beauty in one sight.  Huge peaks of Swargarohini and Hata Peak, Black peak can be seen. The valley is a wonderful combination of meadows, frozen streams, and coniferous forests. It gives an idyllic vibe around the surrounding. The trek from Taluka to Har Ki Doon is a fairytale journey. It passes through cattle grazing, forests of cashew nuts, 2000 Tera old temples. Beyond the Har Ki Doon Valley, there are some hidden routes and mighty Jaundhar Glacier. Har Ki Doon valley also acts as the base camp for treks like Bali Pass. The same day I went to explore Maninda Lake, which is like a 4-5Km hike from the Har Ki Doon valley. You can also reach Ruinsara Tal, Borasu Pass, Bali Pass vi that route.  The vast grasslands of this place near the Maninda Lake were shocking and breathtaking. I took some stunning shots of this view and headed back to the campsite of Har Ki Doon. On the way back to the Sankri village something crazy happened. So let me tell you some adventurous stuff, that happened on the night of har ki Doon trek while descending. 

On the way route harkidun & Ruinsara lake

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Climbing peak Bali Pass Top in uttarakhand

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh


Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh
Day 4

It's a trek of maximum 5-6days but we finished it off in 3days pushing ourselves beyond the limit. 

While descending we have all set a target of completing 32km straight in 9hours no matter what, be it at night. We would carry our torch and move on.

That night was spooky and wacky. Rumbling of nature's voice around me, especially the tree's branches, the animals, birds. Reminded me of ghost stories. I could hear the minute sound of the wind blowing, my heart skipped a beat, the restless feeling was way beyond my imagination. 

All of us went like an army of one to fight in a battle guarding each other and until and unless something weird happened on the way. 

We saw two circled lights having a gap between each other shimmering from 2km. We knew it would be some kinda owl and then that moment we were terrified, my friend who took the lead said: "wait here stop". Well, can you believe it was in the night of 7 pm amidst the jungles surrounded by the Himalayas, we were alone solitary walking down the Valley? 

Anything might have happened, might have been caught by bears or any wild animals!!. Those two circled things kept on blinking every time, all of us took stones in our hands for protection and keeping ourselves safe. 

We walked slowly as if we were the soldiers and kept walking and tried to figure out what was that thing blinking. It kept on blinking for like 10minutes. 

I thought we would get stuck in that jungle forever. I swear that moment we all froze to death, it was that frightening. 

Alas! It was a dog. That nerve-wracking moment dropped down to 0 and we felt blessed. The mountain dogs are a blessing in disguise and that dog was leading the routes to be followed and kept checking if we went in the right direction. 

Does it happen in movies? Right? But I witnessed such adventures in my life. 😋 At one point in time 

It reminded me passing through dense forests on a spooky night, trekking down the valley for 37km in 12hours. With broken knees, blisters and adrenaline rush soaring up so high, I had to do away with pains. It gives me chills when I think of my fellow trekkers looking up to them and saying, my knee hurts "I can't do it", I have a long way to go it's not even halfway,  me groaning in pain. But I took a pain killer though it didn't work, I was determined to do it and kept telling myself, I can do it. That night was the night to remember and these stories are etched in my heart forever.  

To Har Ki Doon, With love” You were too amazing, and I shall not describe the feeling of how I felt that day when I witnessed you with my naked eyes. You are just more than mountains for me” 

Swachh Bharat clean Himalaya Dhike

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Clean Himalaya Dhike

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Enjoy life ❤️🇮🇳 Crazy Boys

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Full team Discovery Hike 😜 👉🏕️👉

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh

Breakfast in Seema camping site

Photo of Harkidun Trek by Ganga Singh
Day 5

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