Jim Corbett National park ..


Some times you don't even know, There are two paths in front of you and which path you should choose? same happened with us as well.

This story is from when I went from my home to Ramnagar to give my exam. and my friend vishal also went with me. We reached our exam center after travelling for 3 hours by bike. my exam went very well and I was very happy. we had a lot of time after giving the exam, then we decided that we would go to see the Grija Temple which was not far from there but who knew what was going to happen next?

After leaving from there we had reached the Girja Temple after 1 hour. after reaching there we put our bike in the parking lot and we spent some time there. There was a dense forest around the temple and a river is flowing there. we sat in the water for some time. the view was so beautiful that we didn't know the time.

Photo of Jim Corbett National park .. by Shubham Jijvania

suddenly we realized that it is evening now and then we thought we should go now. and then we went back to our bike . As soon as we put the key in the lock the lock of our bike got stuck. we tried to open the lock for a long time but we fail. we were very scared because we were quite late. Then we sought help from the local people there. they also tried a lot they also fail to break the lock. suddenly vishal saw a stone which was on the road and he hit the stone hard on the lock after some time lock broke up.

Everybody says that when trouble comes, many come together. going forward we found two ways one is going to our home and other is going to the corbett . And we had heard a lot about Corbett national park which looks as beautiful from above as it was scary from inside. it was 7pm now and it was dark all around.

Without knowing anything , we turned our bike towards corbett. after walking some distance we found the road condition was very poor and water is running on it. we had come deep into the forest and we felt that someone is watching us. carbett national park is home for wild animals especially for the Tigers. we were very scared because we had heard many stories of tiger attack there. we were alone there and we felt now we would not we able to escape. that's when we started driving our bike very fast. it was fully dark on the road and there is no one who could help us.

After walking for about 2 hours we saw a small village there and it was Marchula.

after seeing the village we got some relief. after sometime we saw a local policeman there and we asked him for a hotel but he was very shocked because he thought from where were we coming alone in the forest at night ? we told him we are stuck here . we need a hotel to stay here for the night. policeman told us the address of a hotel nearby and then we took that hotel and we stayed in that hotel the whole night.

But fear was not end yet. comment to know what happens in the story when we woke up in the morning....