Lansdowne| NicheOverload

23rd May 2018


Photo of Lansdowne| NicheOverload by Arushi Chauhan

Mountains have always been my best friends, I grew-up by with them and also gained experiences for life. Last year, I visited another Nature's own place- Lansdowne, ah! if only, I had the words to express the feelings which I had when I first saw the place, it was utterly beautiful. It's a place which gives you the feeling that the God himself has made this place with loads of love and care.

My trip was a 2 days trip. We drove down from meerut and it took us 5 hours to reach the place. Lansdowne is 2 hours ahead of Kotdwar and trust me when I say this that you'll find no man on the way even strolling around, it's like as if you are entering the house of the Nature.

I stayed there in the guestroom of Garhwal Center (a perk of being a fauji kid) and so the stay wasn't must of a price, but the mansion in which I stayed was from one of those colonial times- royal yet mysterious, though it is said to be haunted, but fortunately or fortunately I didn't experience any sort of para nominal activity even though I went out for a stroll at 2 am.

The place has not much to offer you but is flooded with thick forests, mountains and loads of natural beauty and a detour to the army life ie. The Garhwal Center . The weather of Lansdowne remains chilly even in summers and if it rains then the temperature drops to 9 degrees Celsius, so make sure to pack all your thick knitted sweaters and jackets otherwise you'll freeze like I did,brrrr (it still gives me goosebumps).

There is also a mini sadar-bazaar which consists of some really amazing cafe's and eating joints and the food is yumilicious, like honestly, I have never had such amazing momos in my life. So if you ever visit there then you are hooked with some amazing chinese food and also cute little homes and vibrant colours.

This was all about Lansdowne, its a must visit so please add it in your bucket list and have fun.