Perfect trip for a perfect climate #araku #lambasinghi #Neardeathexperience

2nd Sep 2019
Day 1

This is the day where i had increased my bike riding limit to 400 km in a day which is a massive double of my previous limit of 230 km.
This is one of the dream trips of all the people of andhra pradesh as it includes a place called as lambasinghi( the kashmir of andhra pradesh).

5:00 am: this is the time where a group of 4 frnds started the ride by 3 bikes and crossed vizag by 6:15 am. Then started over a road which is so called as the national highway but no one has the dare to say or convince it as a national highway.

7:30 am: the road is full of slush and dirt with a massive floatation by large trucks which is intensifying the hardness of the trip and as the soon i was leading the group and travelling at the front.
I am at the back of a large truck which can't even feel the gutter of 2 feet depth and i am following it and maintaing same pace as it is and can't overtake it as the road is slushy.
  Suddenly the gutter of atleast 1-2 feet has arrived which was not noticed by me as it is covered by the truck and there is not even a 10kmph slow down by the truck. Finally it crossed the gutter with same pace but by the time i noticed it is just a 10 m away and I'm at a speed of around 80kmph.
       I immediately applied the break which let my back tyre to skid over to left due to absence of ABS over my bike and really thought this is the last day of my life and later i started applying brakes in an intermittent manner which gives sudden pressure for massive decrease in the speed which most of us forget as the golden rule in case of emergencies.
   My brain started to think over my life and parents and i even started to pray for my parents and god ☹️  later by the god's grace i had just managed to cross that without any accident or collision to the truck but that too at the final edge.
    Later my friends (fellow riders) explained their view about my situation which made them to goosebumps and thanked God for not letting to be done anything bad.

8:30 am: reached anakapalli and met with my friend and had our breakfast and proceeded to the lambasinghi.
  In the midway my chain started to make noise due to absence of the lubricant over it which we forgot at the room and started to enquire over for it but haven't got for almost 50 km as it is a festive day and almost all the shops and service centres are shut and having the fear whether to proceed or not as the upcoming road is a complete dangerous ghat road where there won't be any of the services available and finally got my chain lubed at a local mechanic shed and proceeded.

10:30 am: passing over the ghat with continuous fall in the temp for every hairpin bends we cross, which is making a adrenaline rush over the bikers. Then comes a diversion to a waterfall which i not planned and we decided to have alook at it and continued in diversion for 6km on a cement road and later comes the adventurous road of 1km which took almost of 15 min to cross and reached the waterfall by a small trial.

11:00 am: the yerravaram waterfall gives the pleasure of tons as it makes us feel like a private place and there will be only a very small no. of visitors.

Yerravaram waterfall

Photo of Perfect trip for a perfect climate #araku #lambasinghi #Neardeathexperience by Tilakkumar Kommineni

Had a great time over there which rejuvenated the energy we lost over the ride and continued back over to the main ghat and continued to lambasinghi.

12:00 pm: reached lambasinghi and enjoyed the different scenaries and had fun by clicking pictures over there near the check dam type reservoir and continued over to the kothapalli waterfall.

Photo of Perfect trip for a perfect climate #araku #lambasinghi #Neardeathexperience by Tilakkumar Kommineni

Kothapalli waterfall

Photo of Perfect trip for a perfect climate #araku #lambasinghi #Neardeathexperience by Tilakkumar Kommineni

Kothapalli waterfall is under the tourism development and is well maintained and bridges are built over the the waterfall to have a great view and had a parking facility.

2:30 pm: we started to paderu which is around 60-70 km from lambasinghi and took us around 2 hrs because of bad condition of roads and reached the paderu by 4:00 pm. Got drenched in rain for about 2 hrs.

4:00 pm: Had our lunch over there and proceeded to araku in the rain itself and reached araku by 5:30 in the evening and got the light fail and not allowing us to have any view of the places and thought of starting back to Vizianagaram.

6:00 pm: started back to Vizianagaram and thank god as there is no rain in the return journey as it is a tough ghat to be rode in the dark and had a great experience 😍 riding in the ghat in the dark.

The splashes of water gave us a great feel at the hair pin bends in the ghat and got to the destination by 8'o clock in the night.

Finally a great trip with a small bad experience and having a great increse in riding capacity cane to an end

Photo of Perfect trip for a perfect climate #araku #lambasinghi #Neardeathexperience by Tilakkumar Kommineni