Live the Himalayan way

Photo of Live the Himalayan way by Subha Thangaraj

All set to experience the North Eastern beauty of India, I was excited about my vacation. With the final little To Dos to be taken care, I checked them one by one and sighed with relief. Finally with my little voyager, I packed my bags and was looking forward to the next day.

Boarding the flight from Chennai, my little Harshu kept questioning me on what is that we're going to do the next few days, how will the weather be and so on. As I answered her queries, I started imagining the Eastern Himalayan beauty. The first day was a pretty long day for us. We got down in Bagdogra and took a cab to Gangtok via Siliguri. We could sense the smell of the damp soil, crushed leaves and pastures. Closing my eyes I could not get a better feel than a paradise on earth.

While I was mesmerised at the beauty of the mountains and the river, my other mind awakened me to the sound of brooks. I could see water flowing in tiny paths wherever possible. The hushing sound appeared to be the restlessness of the water to find its destiny. Tiny brooks here and there finally started joining their hands to form a small waterfall. The joint hushing sound grew little by little into a choir.

Photo of Live the Himalayan way 1/3 by Subha Thangaraj

Why am I following the little flow of water from yesterday? I have been taken over by it completely now. I was looking at the transparent water which seemed to make a noise like kindergarteners. The little flow of water here and there had fine soil or silt underneath it. As and when the altitude began raising, the fineness of the soil seemed becoming a challenge. In some locations, I saw tiny pebbles and no more sand. However the flow of water continued with the same momentum.

Photo of Live the Himalayan way 2/3 by Subha Thangaraj

Later, as we moved higher and higher, the pebbles still grew in size. In face I could even see some growing rocks. The water seemed not to give up. It tried entering every tiny gap it could see and moved. If there was a bigger rock on its way, it still didn't mind to jump over it. The water shattered into droplets while it jumped over the rocks. It again joined below and continued the flow. The flow of water from all directions seemed to grow and reach the peak. It is from here that it originates again as a mightier waterfall.

Tiny brooks do not seem to give up at any point of time. Finally the sand which was first a hurdle seems nothing to the rock it faces later. My mind stopped for a while and seemed to smile at me. How true is this to us? As we grow in life, our hurdles seem to grow as well. However it is upto us to take every situation as a challenge and keep running.

The moment we are going to get stumbled in our lives and stop running, we are going to stay stale like the stale gutter. We would not be looked forward but rather been someone deserted. However the more we approach life as a challenge and challenge it, we can be sure that we would rise high as high as a lovely waterfall which everyone looks upto in awe.

Photo of Live the Himalayan way 3/3 by Subha Thangaraj

I'd always remember what the little brook taught me today - "My path in life is not smooth but I have chosen to flow restlessly over rocks and hills for I have the power to choose my destiny!" And my vacation continues for the next five days with inspiring lessons that Mother Nature has to impart to me. Truly "Nature has music for those who listen" ????