The winter trip – Ooty!!

12th Jan 2016

The best plan for a trip is actually not to have a plan. The trip started around 0500 hours after a sleepless night. We were worried about the cold we are about to experience but we were not ready to step back. As we cruised through thamarassery ghats the sound of bullet echoed in my ears. Then after reaching the top the foggy roads welcomed us. The cold was so unbearable as we stopped for chai and I found some ice on my fellow riders jacket. The winter experience was one hell of a thing as this was the lowest temperature I ever experienced on road.then we headed straight to ooty as we saw the sunrise through tea gardens in Wayanad. It was a nice view as the sun was coming up from the tea gardens and so many clouds and fog to cover the sun. after having breakfast from gudallur we reached ooty by 10 and headed straight to coonoor. As we had no idea what to do there we looked for the nearest tourist spot. Dolphin nose was the nearest one and we headed there. The tea hills was a never ending phenomenon in ooty as we headed through so many of them with the cover of fog all over. It was the serenity of nature I experienced there. We reached dolphin nose at 11 and enjoyed the view from there. As we saw a water fall on the other end  we planned to explore that area. As one local said you need 5 kms trek to reach the top of waterfall we didnt waste a bit and headed straight to Catherine water falls. We walked through a tea garden for 5 mins and saw the water fall from another view point. We really wanted to reach the top so we trespassed through a tea garden and trekked for 1 km and reached the top of the  waterfall. The view was so awesome so does the risk because there was no safety.we returned from there after a bit and headed straight to ooty. As our return route was through masinagudi we were a bit afraid of the wild animals. And there was an elephant on the side walk enjoying the evening as we step into mudumalai forest reserve. By 1900 hours we reached back gudallur and our body was shivering out of the heavy cold we had experienced!!