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Urban Street Walking Tour: Perth

14th Dec 2013
Photo of Urban Street Walking Tour: Perth 1/2 by Perth Urban Adventures
Photo of Urban Street Walking Tour: Perth 2/2 by Perth Urban Adventures

Perth is an urbanised city situated on the shore of the Indian Ocean which goves it the sophistication of urban life as well as the cahrm of nature. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the 4th most populous city of the contienent. Lined with high rises that grace its skyline, Perth also has a rich culture and architectural heritage residing in the midst of the concrete structures. This largets city of Western Australia invites a lot of guests who seek a lavish holiday and a nice time. This fast paced city gives out an energetic and vibrant feel that brings a lot of tourits here each here. With outdoor and indoor fun, a journey to Perth is extraordinary.

Much of Perth can be experienced on its well planned , right-angled streets. Therefore, an urban tour in Perth that includes walking on some of the famous roads and avenues is a great way to feel like a part of this city. This 2 hour tour will take you to some known adn some unknown places. It not only includes the popular spots but also the less heard of and the less spotted ones. Thsi tour takes you to five main streets in the heart of the city and let's you experience the cafes, restaurants, small bars, museums and shopping centers of the city. On the way you will also encounter stories about the history, culture, heritage and architecture of Perth.

The Tour starts at the Perth Town Hall and ends at The Rosie O'Grady's in the evening. This is mostly a night walk, to experience the city all lighted up, and thus starts at 6 pm. If you are in Perth for travel, we give you a sneak peak of the city and you could probably dig deeper from there. If you are here for business trip, we give you two hours of unwinding and learning about this city and if you are a local, we give you a chance to know a bit more about the history of your town. Either ways its two hours of fun!

Time Duration- Approxiamtely 2 hours

Starts at- 6 pm

Built in 1986, the Perth Town hall is a historical heritage. It is constructed on the highest point in the center of the town, this structure boasts of a Victorian Gothic architecture. It was built by a majority of convicts and thus certain motifs on the walls include a hangman's rope and broad arrow. Its architecture is reminiscence of 16th century Italy or Britain, with a hall adjoining a watch tower. It has been extended and renovated several times and its significance to the town can be gauged by the people's movement to stop the demolition of a building that would affect the structure. The Perth Town Hall is an important landmark for the city and its people.
Photo of Perth Town Hall, Barrack Street, Perth, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
This trip includes a visit to the Murray st Mall and Hay st Mall, two of the best places to shop in Perth. Both these streets have a variety of speciality stores and the best part is that it is closed to traffic, so there is no vehicular disturbance as you hop from one shop to the other. These streets with a large number of retails stores give you a shopping experience like no other.
Photo of Murray Street, Perth, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
St Georges Terrace is the main street in Perth. Some of the earliest building (and tallest ones) are located here like the Colonial Mutual Life building, Citibank House, St Martin's tower etc. The Landmark structure here is the St George's Cathedral, an Anglican Church of Gothic beauty built in 1888.
Photo of St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
James Street is all about the cosy bars and the lavish lifestyle stores. This heritage precint is alowly developing into a high-end fashion street, with retailers selling the latest trends. Rosie O'Grady's is one of the most popular Irish bars on Jame street. A great way to end this amazing tour. The drinks are on us!
Photo of Rosie O'Grady's Irish Pub, James Street, Perth, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures