We've Ranked the Cheapest Holiday Destinations in Europe for You!

Photo of We've Ranked the Cheapest Holiday Destinations in Europe for You! by Priya Pareek

A Europe trip has been almost on every traveller’s bucket list and while you're still wondering if you should break your bank to fulfil this desire, we've brought you a list of the cheapest holiday destinations in the continent to make you take the plunge.

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Photo of Vilnius, Lithuania by Priya Pareek

Where: Lithuania

Budget: Rs 13,350

The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, is home to one of the largest surviving medieval quarters in Europe. The Old Town, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list contains almost two thousand-year-old Gothic, Renaissance, medieval and baroque buildings. Almost all of this architecture is centred around the neo-classical cathedral and town hall. KGB Museum, the 13th century High Castle are other popular attractions.

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Photo of Belgrade, Serbia by Priya Pareek

Where: Serbia

Budget: Rs 13,730

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is built on the confluence of two rivers and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Known as “the city that never sleeps”, Belgrade is one of Europe's most happening cities. If you call yourself a party animal, then the floating clubs on its rivers will offer never-ending fun. Not to mention, Skadarlija, the bohemian street, buzzes with music and singing till the wee hours in the morning.

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Photo of Warsaw, Poland by Priya Pareek

Where: Poland

Budget: Rs 14,520

The sprawling capital of Poland Warsaw has a widely varied architecture that reflects the city's long, turbulent history. From Gothic churches and neo-classical palaces to Soviet-era blocks and modern skyscrapers—the city has it all. The Monument of the Warsaw Mermaid is the city’s symbol.

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Photo of Istanbul, Turkey by Priya Pareek

Where: Turkey

Budget: Rs 15,100

Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city and is located on both sides of the Bosphorus, bridging Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. Some of the prominent attractions here include the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Galata Tower.

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Photo of Bucharest, Romania by Priya Pareek

Where: Romania

Budget: Rs 15, 170

The city that houses one of the heaviest buildings in Europe, Bucharest is home to the iconic landmark of communist-era, Palatul Parlamentului government building, which has 1,100 rooms. Once known as "Little Paris", the city features sprawling city parks, excellent museums and charming lanes. The capital is rich with storied history that merges with its modern identity.

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Photo of Porto, Portugal by Priya Pareek

Where: Portugal

Budget: Rs 15,060

A coastal city in northwest Portugal, Porto is known for its port wine production. Visit São Francisco Church to witness its lavish baroque interior with ornate gilded carvings. The River Douro is worth a visit with a rich heritage on both banks. From bridges and monuments to the flowering balconies and the shopping streets, there is so much that you cannot afford to miss.

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Photo of We've Ranked the Cheapest Holiday Destinations in Europe for You! by Priya Pareek

Where: Latvia

Budget: Rs 16,150

Riga in Latvia is full of architecture, food, great culture—all at an affordable price! The city is home to Europe's biggest food market, the oldest zoo and the best collection of art nouveau buildings. The compact centre of this city is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site packed replete with architectural treasures. Do visit river Daugava as there is plenty to explore on both sides which includes fancy restaurants and buzzworthy creative quarters.

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