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Perth: Urban Adventure in Fremantle

19th Dec 2013
Photo of Perth: Urban Adventure in Fremantle 1/4 by Perth Urban Adventures
Bather's Beach
Photo of Perth: Urban Adventure in Fremantle 2/4 by Perth Urban Adventures
At the Roundhouse
Photo of Perth: Urban Adventure in Fremantle 3/4 by Perth Urban Adventures
Fremantle Prison
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On a group tour

Fremantle is a contrast to Urban Perth. This Western Australian city, located at the mouth of the Swan River, is more relaxed and classic. This historic, seaside city is exciting to travel with its well-preserved architectural heritage, including convict built colonial era buildings and one of the most notorious prisons in the British Empire, the World Heritage listed, Fremantle Prison. Fremantle's scenic beauty can only be contested by its historic magnificence and small-town elements like loft cafés, contemporary art galleries, unique concept stores, and vintage shops. Fremantle is home to some of the most amazing structures and stories from colonial time Australia

'Freo", as it is fondly called, is one of Perth's oldest cities. This small harbour town is a very popular weekend getaway for locals, who come here to unwind and relax. And, it's an intriguing experience for locals who come here to feel a different side to the Capital city, Perth. Sandy beaches, a pretty harbour, awe-striking architecture, etc. make this town extremely charming. During this 2 hour walk around Fremantle, you will get to understand the place and visit some great eateries and sites along the way. The walk attempts to capture most of the Fremantle experience and give an overlook of the city as well as take you to some lesser known spots in the place. Explore Fremantle with a local and hear the stories of astounding Irish prisoner escapes, comical British bushrangers, the shameful expulsion of aboriginals to Rottnest Island and its importance as a port during World War II.

Starting at the Fremantle Visitor Information Centre, this tour takes a non-traditional route through Freo, discovering the historical landmarks like the Freemantle Prison, and fishing boat harbour, enjoying some yummy treats at the Fremantle Chocolate Company and the Lolly WA Shop, viewing contemporary art at Moore & Moore Gallery and the Kidogo Art House and finally concluding the tour at the oldest building in Western Australia, The Roundhouse. The tour also includes 10% off lunch at Kailis Fish Market Café.

Start Time: 10.00 a.m. 
Duration: Approximately 2 hours 

Our tour starts at the Fremantle Visitor Center at Kings Square, High St. This center is especially helpful to tourists as it provides information on the town, things to do, food and accommodation recommendations etc.
Photo of Fremantle Visitor Centre, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
Fremantle Prison is the largest convict-built prison in Australia and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It provides a perfect World War prison setting with wide-spread rumors of paranormal existence. What is even more fascinating is its underground tunnel and aqueducts. An exciting place to re-visit an era gone by. It is also the only world heritage site in Perth.
Photo of Fremantle Prison, The Terrace, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
Where can you munch on some lovely Fish and Chips while taking in the lovely sea breeze? The Fishing Boat Harbor, of course! This harbor is the heart of the Fremantle fishing industry and is lined with hundreds of restaurants offering delicious specialties caught directly from the sea. The harbor lets you sit back, relax and enjoy a lovely meal. Soak in some sun and scenery at this lovely harbor.
Photo of Fishing Boat Harbour, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
This is easily any chocolate lover's heaven. Buy award-winning chocolates, candies and fudges here. They have over 300 chocolate products for you to choose from. Here comes the best part though, they provide free tasting samples! The Fremantle Chocolate factory displays such delicious truffles, bars and fudges that you won't be able to stop yourself from indulging completely.
Photo of Fremantle Chocolate, Cantonment Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
This gallery provides a taste of some contemporary art. More so, this gallery displays exhibitions of some emerging artists and new students. Fremantle in a way is filled with artists and musicians which is very evident by this gallery. There is also an adjoining cafe here.
Photo of Moor and Moor Gallery, Fremantle by Perth Urban Adventures
An art institute and an arts center, Kidogo is filled with emerging, as well as prominent artists of Fremantle. A great place to stop and ponder over the finer things in life (as art usually make you do). This art house is small yet displays some of the best artworks in the town. A seaside, relaxed town is bound to give birth to some freethinkers and artists after all!
Photo of Kidogo Arthouse, Mews Road, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures
Diving into Australia's rich colonial history once again, we end our tour at Roundhouse. The roundhouse is Australia's oldest public building that was built in the Swan River Colony in 1830's. It was actually built to hold convicts. After it ceased being used as a gaol it became a Police Lock-up until the late 1890's and then was used as accommodation for the Water Police, and afterwards as a storage facility for Fremantle Ports. Today it is preserved by the state department. Our tour ends at this historic monument.
Photo of The Roundhouse, Captains Lane, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia by Perth Urban Adventures