Best Cities in Europe

Photo of Best Cities in Europe by Pratik Goel

In my past 5 years of travels I have visited more than 100 cities across 30 countries in Europe. These are my personal favourites. I enjoy big cities more than Natural Escapes as I am astonished seeing the diversity, food, museums and nightlife of these places.

1. Budapest

Budapest has been a personal favourite for many reasons. I loved the ruin pubs Szimpla Kert, Foggash and Instant. The city has got the most beautiful Parliament Building in the world. Budapest is divided in two parts, Buda which has the castle and other heritage buildings converted into museums & Pest which has more modernistic & cool vibe. Thermal baths is another great highlight of Budapest where you can chill during the day & even have rave parties in night.

2. Prague

Prague is well known for its fairytale architecture & bohemian vibe. The city has so much to offer for history buffs, beer lovers & opera enthusiasts. Prague tops the list when it comes nightlife and even a great zoo for children to balance it out. Some of the lesser known things to do in the city is to watch a Black Theatre Show, try your hand at shooting ranges, brewery tours and watching Ballet.

3. Vienna

Vienna is home to many imperial Palaces and Beautiful Museums. Also the city has vibrant lifestyle and has been home to musical Legends such as Beethoven & Mozart. It has nice cafe culture and I highly recommend going around Danube river to see a new kind of Vienna away from those regal buildings and historic vibe. Vienna has been rated as best cities to Live in the world in several magazines, so if you get to try couchsurfing, dare not miss it out.

4. Barcelona

The most popular Spanish City has everything you desire. Sports Lovers can visit the famous football stadium, for food lovers they are amazing Tapas Restaurants to try and night hunters can never get enough of Barcelona MegaClubs. I really enjoyed rambling through Barcelona Neighbourhoods such as Gothic Quarter , El Rava; & Barceloneta Beach would never fail to amaze you. And you can never forget Gaudi when we speak of Barcelona because his Architectural Masterpieces are spread all over the city.

5. Krakow

Krakow for me is a hidden gem in Europe. I really was blown away my the Jewish History, Salt Mine Tour and Concentration Camps. I really enjoyed the Polish Food and I had my best pub crawl in Krakow. The hostel I stayed served dinners and people were lovely. I would highly recommend to include Krakow in your Euro Trip even if you had to skip some Popular Places such as Berlin or Munich.

6. Copenhagen

I was not expecting much from Copenhagen and maybe thats why I really enjoyed the vibe and lifestyle here. It was so easy going, had wonderful time cycling around the city and just having brownies in Christania. I would highly recommend doing the boat tour and exploring the Paper Island Market.

7. London

I have visited London more than 5 times in past 10 years and thats because I have family there and they really take care of me. I enjoy exploring London's markets & museums as they have the best artifacts stolen from around the world. One of my favourite things to do is watch a musical every time I visit. I also believe London is one of the most expensive cities in world to visit, especially when it comes to eating out and on site transportation.

8. Amsterdam

The place is way more than red light district and smoking weed. You can read more about it in my article Amsterdam Beyond Smoking. I suggest Hiring a cycle and going around the city. Do try to visit Delft and Hague nearby, you will gain an entirely new perspective about Netherlands and its cultural heritage.


Scotland has been one of my personal Favourites and the capital of Edinburgh is a gem of a place. I am scotch & gin lover, enjoy bagpipes and fond of getting lost in the small alleys. The city has wonderful cultural heritage and is delight for history dwellers like me.

10. Paris

The most visited city not only in Europe, but in entire world made to no.10 in my list because I think it is too much overrun by tourists. Nonetheless, you would definitely enjoying walking the neighbourhoods in the city of romance, cruising the Seine river in the evening and visiting countless museums and art galleries.

As I said in the beginning I get a charge out of exploring Big Towns, so the list does not have many smaller towns which might be way more stunning. Let me know your personal favourites in the comments.

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