#10ThingsToDo In Kings Mountain, Northern Carolina

Photo of #10ThingsToDo In Kings Mountain, Northern Carolina by Shakuntla Ranawat

Kings Mountain, in Northern Carolina was originally known as “White Plains” and was renamed as Kings Mountain because of historic battle fought in Kings Mountain; this city was incorporated on 11 February, 1874. There is a lot to do in this wonderful suburban city for connoisseurs as well as for street wanderers. As this city recites story of being a little more courageous, to be more subtle for dreams.

1. Jump Into Centre Attraction, Kings Mountain State Park
Travelling is telling us to find the meaning of life, to be a constant seeker and so is this city. This beauty was built in 1934 after US government donated 6,141 acres (2485 ha.) and an additional donation of 744 acres (310 ha.) followed in 1955. It is surrounded by Lake Crawford and Lake York. This delightful park includes a Living History Farm, representative of early 19thcentury. Camping and fishing are other two main attractions of the place.

Timing: 7am- 9pm
From Kings Mountain: 16 minute drive

 2. Seeking Tranquil, Vien Quang Buddhist Monastery is the place!
Vien Quang is said to be a branch temple of Vietnam World Buddhist Order to spread Buddhist principles and was found in 2012. Entire place has a aura of calmness and serenity. This monastery is full of several off-white sculptures and many small-big temple in the area that adds the aesthetic vibe and exquisite to the place.

Timing: 10am- 5pm
From Kings Mountain: 20 minutes drive

3. The Schiele Museum of Natural History
This museum is named after Rudolph Melchoir Schiele and is all about wonderful science of natural world featuring largest collection of land mammal specimens. From spectacular learning experiences, researches and science theatre it also serves memorable experience to travel in ages of dinosaurs.

Timing:  Monday-Saturday (9am-5pm)
                 Sunday (1 pm- 5pm)
From Kings Mountain: 16 minutes drive

4. The Local Charm, Youngun’s Sports Bar
Quite a common place in the Kings Mountain yet pretty good to go type between local crowd as well as travellers.  Entertaining the guests with Karaoke on Friday nights, Live Band on Saturday nights, open mic, pool league and big thumbs up to Sports TV and bar with grilled food.

Timing: 3pm- 2am
From Kings Mountain: 4 minutes drive

5. Let’s History Walk, Kings Mountain Historical Museum 
This historical museum is located in former United States Post Office. Based on Colonial Revival architecture this began with group of dedicated citizens. Always matriculated with special events, it is prime gateway to explore the local history. Highlighting the importance of writing pieces and stories clasped in gorgeous displays, everything is free on basis of, "To come and to learn" .

Timing:  Tuesday to Saturday (10am-4pm)
From Kings Mountain: 3 minutes drive      

6. High on Art Then, Southern Art Society
Promoting the art and providing visual art display, this art society in Kings Mountain is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 by A.B Mauney. People in World are inseparable with their land, religion, culture, colours and tradition and so are the walls covered with several art form framed and unframed, artworks and ideas. Fantastic paintings, wonderful sculpture add a charm to the entire place.

Timing:  Tuesday to Saturday (10am-4pm)
From Kings Mountain: 1 minute drive

 7. The Relaxing Schedule, Moss Lake
Located in Kings Mountain, this 50 ft. deep lake borders Shelby. This beautiful place is a  perfect destination for boating and fishing experience and is very surreal to end the day by relaxing here. Numerous fishing tournaments are always up on their list serving magnificient scenario. “Foreign country, unknown roads are best teachers.”
Also, your dogs are welcome here!

 Timing: 8am- 4:30pm
 From Kings Mountain: 11 minutes drive

8. Green Orientation, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Away from all the hustle bustle is this place providing the reason to inspire and recreate the love towards environment, this Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is for green enthusiast. 100 year old stained glass dome, 12 fountains, 8 garden rooms easily leads green orientation in every traveller’s mind.
Just a small piece of drive away from Kings Mountain will lead to the World’s One of The Most Commendable Botanical Garden which was founded by retired textile execution Daniel J. Stowe.

Timing: 9am-4pm
From Kings Mountain: 30 minutes drive

9. Cynosure Of The City, Kings Mountain National Military Park
National Military Park, Kings Mountain is known as ‘turning point’ of Revolutionary was in South. Welcomed by museum, bookstore and a movie this military park is free for everyone. Built in 1780, it upholds a very impactful presence on every visitors mind.

Timing: 9am-5pm
From Kings Mountain: 18 minutes drive

10. Bush N Vine Farm
Reliving the concept of freshness since 1979, Bush N Vine Farm is a family owned farm providing strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches. Six different varieties of apples and jar of Caramel Pecan Apple Butter is enough to attract the taste buds. Organic environment and refreshing aura with a smiling family is waiting!

Timing: Monday to Friday (8am-5pm)
From Kings Mountain: 21 minutes